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101Nissan Claims 'World's Cleanest Car' Crown

Green car can frequently skip both gas stations and car washes

Nissan is claiming the title of "world's cleanest car" by coating an all electric Leaf in superhydrophobic and olephobic paint.

20LA smog has less of a chokehold than years ago, NOAA study says

If you visited or lived in the Los Angeles area many years ago, you why it was called, unofficially, the City of Smog. In the early 1970s, I attended the LA Zoo with my third grade classmates on one of those given days when the South Coast Air Quality Management District likely issued a smog warning. The sky was gray, thick, and hazy. My eyes were red, my throat was thick and sore and it hurt to breathe deeply. Even though there are more cars on the streets and freeways of LA now than 40 years a

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