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classic beetle

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    Video: A look back at the history of the Volkswagen Beetle

    Our cohorts over at AOL Autos have gone through the trouble of creating a video to take a look at the history of the Volkswagen Beetle. With the People's Automaker pulling the covers off the 2012 Beetle at this year's New York Auto Show, there couldn't be a more fitting time to crack open the ...

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    Build your own 1960 Beetle - with Legos

    There's likely to be no shortage of VW Beetle owners who can relate to this new kit from Lego. It's a box with 1,626 parts in it that one day, after hours of work, will resemble a classic Bug. Three differences: This box of bits will only cost you $120 and a successful build is probably not above ...

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    We knew VW Bugs were air-cooled, but this is ridiculous...

    The last time I saw wire construction like this, it was on a set of old patio furniture my grandmother had. This is considerably more impressive. Found on the Hemmings Blog, the details are... well... there are no details, but you know the phrase: a picture's worth a thousand words.This wiry little ...


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