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    Video: Trio of FIA GT4 Lotus racers at the 'Ring

    Lotus running the FIA GT4 Championship at The 'Ring – Click above to watch videos after the jump
    PistonClash Productions has done its thing at the Nürburgring again, this time capturing some of the best of Lotus racing the FIA GT4 Championship. A pair of 2-Elevens and an Evora play ...

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    VIDEO: Titan trailer celebrates the glory that is the Nürburgring

    Titan movie teaser – Click above to watch video
    As any parent knows, when a child finds a video he likes he can watch it a kabillion jillion times with undiminished joy. That's exactly the kid we turn into any time you cut up race footage and set it to classical music and exhaust notes. ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Europe's Time Attack in full effect

    Time Attack is about the purest a form of motorsport you can get. Take a car, strip it of everything unnecessary, spot weld anything you lay eyes on, throw in the required safety equipment and data systems, then couple the biggest, baddest engine to a close ratio gearbox (sequential preferred), ...


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