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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson says Welsh language should be abolished, dust-up ensues

    Jeremy Clarkson's perpetual foot-in-mouth disease shows no signs of letting up. The latest dust-up doesn't really have anything to do with cars at all, which is the Top Gear host's actual area of expertise, of course. Instead, Jezza railed against languages other than English. I think we are ...

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    Video: Jeremy Clarkson reviews M12 FAV Warthog from Halo... sort of

    We're convinced that Forza Motorsport is out to take over the universe. With the racing simulator's only real competitor, Gran Turismo, sucking wind, the title is kicking in teeth and taking what it wants. An example, you ask? Not only will Forza 4 feature the M12 FAV Warthog from Halo, the ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson in trouble for parking in handicapped space, joking about cancer

    There's just no telling what sort of trouble the zany hosts of Top Gear will get into next. Recent months have seen Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond garner the ire of at least two world religions and an entire nation among other offenses. As you'd expect, the antics of the BBC trio ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson to narrate Forza 4

    Jeremy Clarkson is coming to an Xbox near you. The Top Gear presenter has reportedly joined forces with Turn 10 Studios to lend his voice and automotive knowledge to the company's upcoming Forza 4 video game. There's a portion of Forza 4 called AutoVista, which is an in-game showroom where players ...

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    Clarkson gets nostalgic (in his way) about VW's new Beetle

    Jeremy Clarkson certainly has a way with words, and when he applies his wit to a topic the result is quite often an enjoyable reading experience. Clarkson has plied his wit upon the subject of Volkswagen's redesigned 2012 Beetle. It's no secret that Jeremy and his Top Gear cohorts are not fans ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson accused of affair with Top Gear coworker

    The British tabloid press has exploded with rumors and reports that Jeremy Clarkson has been getting his David Letterman on with a production assistant for the Top Gear World Tour. According to reports, Clarkson has been cheating on his wife of 18 years with a 42-year-old blonde named Phillipa ...

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    Top Gear presents its side of story about Tesla Roadster [w/video]

    Tesla has gone to great lengths to publicize its libel suit against Top Gear for the program's 2008 review of the Tesla Roadster. The suit claims that TG's review of the car was rigged, and its assertion that the car doesn't work in the real world had been decided even before Clarkson drove the ...

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    JLR donates 1,000,000th Range Rover to charity

    Millionth Range Rover rolls off the assembly line – Click above for high-res image
    Before every automaker and their sister-companies got into the luxury SUV game, there was really only one truck to speak of, and that was the Range Rover. Now 40 years since its original introduction and ...

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    Ex-Top Gear employee cashing in on Stig-gate, selling autographed helmet

    The Stig drama continues from the land of Top Gear. Former employee Sophia Vaizey was a production coordinator on the popular television show for 18 months. When she left, she was presented with a helmet worn by the Stig from 2002 to 2005, signed by Richard Hammond, members of the production crew ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson calls The Stig a 'Greedy Tw*t' [w/poll]

    It would seem that the vitriol between the trio of presenters on Top Gear and Ben Collins, the man behind the Stig's helmet, isn't just for show. During a recent charity event, Jeremy Clarkson, arguably the leader of the TG three amigos, made it clear just how he feels about Collins' unmasking of ...

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    Poll: Sir Richard Branson, Jeremy Clarkson best fit for UK transportation minister job

    If you've stuck your head outside of the automotive maelstrom for half a second, you've probably caught wind of the fact that the UK is going through a major political shake up right now. Jolly Old has just appointed David Cameron from the Conservative Party as its new Prime Minister, and that ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear pits BMW X5 M against Audi Q7 TDI and Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

    Why the whole world loves Top Gear - click above to watch the video
    If you're like us – and odds are very good you are – you have an evergreen problem. Namely, getting your significant other to feel one-tenth of the excitement about cars that you feel. Sure, you've tried explaining ...

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    Next in line to get irked by Jeremy Clarkson? The Romanian government [w/VIDEO]

    Top Gear in Romania – click above to watch video
    Another day, another country that hates Jeremy Clarkson's guts. Or at least, another country that is seeking an apology from the Top Gear host for his no doubt rude, but no doubter funny comments about said country. In this case, it's the ...

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    STUDY: If you're gonna make us pay for a bloke's writing, it bloody well better be Clarkson

    We'll admit up front that this news item is minimally car-related, but bear with us. In response to News Corp's Rupert Murdoch's repeated threats to bury all of his content behind a pay-for-it-wall, the UK's Guardian conducted a poll asking readers which online columnists they'd pay for. The not ...

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    Top Gear reports Stig arrested in both Dublin and Mojave Desert

    Some say he has a problem with authority. Others say he's actually capable of being in two places at the same time, and getting arrested in both. All we know is that Top Gear is making less sense with every passing day. One of the BBC car show's myriad blogs reports that the enigmatic test ...

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    STUDY: Jeremy Clarkson has world's best job. In other news, grass is green, sky is blue.

    We'll be the first people to admit that we find ourselves in a pretty cool line of work, but if we were offered the chance to swap jobs with any one person in the world, it very well might be with Jeremy Clarkson. Not surprisingly, it turns out we're not alone. According to a survey of over ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear Live holding design-your-own-stunt contest

    Top Gear Live Contest - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We love Top Gear for a lot of reasons, but we love the British motoring series most for its big-budget creativity. After all, how many shows are going to storm a beach in a Ford Fiesta? And from everything we've seen and ...

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    Top Gear posse spotted filming with bevy of exotics in Romania

    The Top Gear crew is preparing the show's 14th season and they've gone to the home of Vlad the Impaler for some help. Piloting a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, Aston Martin DBS Volante, and Ferrari California, the production closed down the Transfagarasan Road that climbs over Romania's ...

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    REPORT: Jeremy Clarkson against female Top Gear host, calls audience members 'oafs'

    Top Gear chief oaf (read: presenter) Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to controversy when he speaks. In fact, he rather seems to thrive on it, which undoubtedly is a big part of the appeal of the show. Earlier this week, he spouted off again apparently in an attempt to irritate (or bemuse) women ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear takes on the Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    When Jeremy Clarkson has the keys to a 660 hp supercar, you know you're in for a heck of a ride. The affable BBC host took the reigns of twin-turbo V12-powered Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series, and we're pretty sure the Top Gear team needed to change ...


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