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civic hybrid

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    Honda readies new hybrid attack, calling the Civic Hybrid a mistake

    Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has said Honda will now take the hybrid war seriously, with a claim that, "The real competition has just begun." Honda is planning to come out with a hybrid-only model in early 2009 that will provide genuine competition for the Toyota Prius.It seems everyone has been forced to ...

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    Honda's Heifer Hybrid

    We knew Honda was capable of a lot, but we'd have never guessed that they'd start producing livestock. The bodacious bovine pictured above (no, the one on the left...sheesh) is a UK-market Civic Hybrid named Clover. It'll be on display at this weekend's Fruitstock festival in London, an event ...

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    Hybrid CR-V cancelled, Fit Hybrid will not get Insight engine

    Inside Line seems confident it has the real scoop on Honda's upcoming hybrids, or lack thereof in some cases. For one, IL claims Honda insiders have confirmed that there will not be a hybrid version of the next CR-V. A $7,000 premium for a hybrid version is cited as the reason for not producing ...

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    Hybrid sales inelastic despite surging gas prices

    Despite a conspicuous rise in gas prices over the last three months, the demand for hybrids isn't budging. According to analysts cited in a new Reuters article, consumers aren't being swayed by increases in fuel economy, available tax credits and in some areas, high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane ...

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    Honda Modula ti Bick

    In my nightly web wandering I ran across this on Response, a Japanese language automotive news website. It appears to be a sporty hybrid concept by Honda called the ti Bick, which could itself be a horrible mistranslation by Google. It would appear this car actually debuted at the 2005 Tokyo ...


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