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    Report: EU formally questions French government assistance of Peugeot's finance arm

    Recently, the finance arm of PSA/Peugeot-Citroën was in such debt trouble that it was pricing itself out of the car loan market. The rates it was paying to service its debt, which was rated one step above junk, were so high that it was forced to charge car-buying customers higher rates than ...

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    VIDEO: Russian WRC driver nearly flips Citroen C4 in Finland

    Evgeny Novikov's Citroen C4 in action - click above to watch video
    Oh, my. Talk about a moment filled with more chutzpah than skill. In this short but nonetheless heart-pounding video, Russian rally driver Evgeny Novikov takes a jump at full tilt and nearly backflips his Citroën C4. The ...

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    Reborn CitroŽn 2CV is weird as original

    Click above for more renderings of this Citroën 2CV conceptWondering what the heck you are looking at above? It's a concept by French designer David Portela of what a revised and reintroduced Citroën C2V could look like. Although the original design couldn't really be described as pretty, ...


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