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2Rush To Lightweight Cars Means Boom For Adhesive Manufacturers

Carmakers using lighter materials unsuitable for welding

From Pritt stick in school bags to Audi sports cars, adhesives have come a long way since natural gums and resins, and new high-tech variations are currently top of the list for carmakers as they seek ways to make cars lighter and tougher

5EU formally questions French government assistance of Peugeot's finance arm

Recently, the finance arm of PSA/Peugeot-Citroën was in such debt trouble that it was pricing itself out of the car loan market. The rates it was paying to service its debt, which was rated one step above junk, were so high that it was forced to charge car-buying customers higher rates than they could find elsewhere. This was adding to Peugeot's already impressive woes by sending revenue out the door to competitors.

28VIDEO: Russian WRC driver nearly flips Citroen C4 in Finland

Evgeny Novikov's Citroen C4 in action - click above to watch video

AddParis 2008: Citro�n's Hypnos brings the rainbow into your car

We got a preview of Citroën's new Hypnos hybrid 'ute a month ago and the real thing is even more ka-razy than we thought. Offset rainbow seats? You got it. Suicide doors and a pillar-free frame? No problem. An interior that Citroën calls a "powerful sensory experience, verging on the magical"? But of course.

AddNew look Citro�n C4 gets cleaner petrol and diesel options

click for a gallery of the new look Citroën C4

29Reborn Citro�n 2CV is weird as original

Click above for more renderings of this Citroën 2CV concept

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