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citroen c2

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    Video: Watch this rally car come within inches of killing four spectators

    Rallying isn't just dangerous for drivers, it's far and away one of the most dangerous forms of motorsport for spectators. Because of a lack of runoff areas and barriers, an out-of-control rally car is a huge danger for the fans that line the track. That's a lesson these extremely lucky Polish ...

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    Video: Watch some drunk German football fans cheer on a parallel parker

    Europeans, as we know, take their football (our soccer) seriously – it isn't until a team wins that their fans can stop being so focused and have some serious fun. Exhibit A: after the German national team beat Argentina in Euro 2012, some chaps still full of cheer (and beer, presumably) ...

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    Citroën teases a modern 2CV ahead of Frankfurt debut

    Citroën Frankfurt teaser – Click above to view in high-resolution
    If the show won't come to France, then France will go to the show. So while it may be Frankfurt's turn to host the alternating European car show this year while Paris sits this one out, that doesn't mean that French ...

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    Beijing '08 Preview: Dongfeng Citroen C2 to wear Kappa threads

    Click above for photo gallery of the Dongfeng Citroën C2 KappaDongfeng Citroën will reportedly show a pair of cars adorned with graphics inspired by soccer/sport apparel manufacturer, Kappa. From what we can gather, a trio of Dongfeng Citroën C2s will be on hand, one in the ...

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    Citroen C2 becomes a Transformer in China

    Proof that the Transformers franchise speaks to everyone wherever they live is this: a group of Chinese -- craftsmen? -- made a 1:1 scale transformer from a Citroen C2. The unnamed Autobot (at least, we couldn't read its name in Chinese) stands nearly 14-feet tall, weighs 1,320 pounds, and ...

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    French/Asian Fusion: Citron C2 for China

    Click to enlargeFor its latest entrant in the Chinese marketplace, Citroën tapped its corporate sister for a little hand. The Chinese Citroën C2, you see, is is built on the Peugeot 206 platform. The 206 bloodlines show: notice that the C2 China's hood is vented in the exact same spots as ...


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