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    Study: No Kidding: Smoking tobacco in your car is harmful to your passengers

    Well, this should hopefully come as a shock to no one, but smoking is harmful to your health. Now that we have that out of the way, it should also be quite apparent that being around smoke and smokers is not quite healthy either. Consumer Reports posted a study conducted by British researchers ...

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    Report: Lamborghini's Raging Bull logo to adorn cigarettes in South Korea

    Stand at the business end of a Lamborghini doing a smokey burnout and you're bound to get a lung or two full of all kinds of noxious chemicals. But if a showboating Aventador isn't at your disposal, soon you'll be able to light up a Lamborghini cigarette. The Raging Bull smokes are reportedly ...

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    Chinese students assemble Bugatti Veyron from used cigarette packs

    Bugatti Veyron replica made from recycled cigarette packs – Click above for image gallery
    Is there anything more environmentally friendly than recycling? Well, perhaps not using so much raw material in the first place, but at least recycling is a major step in the right direction. In any ...


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