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    Official: UAW ratifies new four-year Chrysler labor contract

    Chrysler and the United Auto Workers have officially agreed to a new four-year labor contract as the rank and file have voted in favor of the new agreement. A total of 54.8 percent of all Chrysler UAW workers gave the agreement a 'yes' vote. The agreement helps keep wages in check for Chrysler, ...

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    Report: Early voting on Chrysler UAW contract not looking good

    The Detroit News reports that Chrysler workers are none too happy with the proposed four-year labor agreement drawn up by the Auburn Hills automaker and the United Auto Workers. UAW Local 372 has voted against ratification of the plan, with just 45 percent of members voting for the measure. The ...

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    Followup: Chrysler fires 13 workers involved in drinking on the job, suspends two

    A group of Chrysler employees have been in the news lately, causing a bit of a black eye for the automaker. Originally, a Detroit Fox affiliate snagged video of the UAW members really enjoying their break – by smoking weed and drinking beer. Chrysler reacted to the news swiftly, by ...

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    Chrysler UAW employees work hard play hard; busted for drinking, smoking weed during break [w/video]

    Chrysler workers enjoying a break – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away...? Some members of the UAW, employed at Chrysler's ...

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    UAW local leaders approve Chrysler contract, rank and file vote next

    The tentative four-year labor contract between the UAW and Chrysler LLC is closer to being ratified after local UAW officials approved the deal in a vocal vote today. The Detroit News reports that there were a few local leaders who let their "No" votes be heard, but those who approved the contract ...


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