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chrysler minivans

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    Report: Chrysler still on the fence about which brand will get next minivan

    Chrysler has had at least two minivans since it started the family-friendly craze back in 1984, but we've known for some time that one of two not-so-mini vans (the Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country) would not survive for a next generation. Last we heard, it was the Chrysler model ...

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    Chrysler decides to keep third shift at Windsor minivan plant, VW Routan to live on

    2009 Volkswagen Routan - click above for a high res image gallery
    Earlier this spring as Chrysler stumbled toward bankruptcy court, one of the announced cost-cutting decisions was the elimination of the third shift at the Windsor assembly plant. That's the factory that produces the Chrysler Town ...

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    25th Anniversary Minivans get interior spiffing

    Click above to view high-res gallery of 25 years of Chrysler minivans
    Looming assimilation by the GM Borg or not, Chrysler's not waiting around for something to happen. The automaker hosted a hootenanny at the Windsor, Ontario plant where its minivans are assembled, and 25th anniversary editions ...

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    Future Classic: 1984 Chrysler Minivans

    Think of what the automotive landscape looked like nigh on 25 years ago. Mentioning "family car" in 1983 would have conjured a station wagon. Some of us dig wagons, while others think we're daft because of the stigma they still carry. There's no denying that a wagon is an excellent way to transport ...

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    Press: Chrysler to cut its SUV offerings in half

    It's no secret that Chrysler has some overlapping models in its lineup. Case(s)-in-point: it's hard to make a rational argument that Jeep should be offering both the Compass and Patriot (not to mention Dodge selling the Patriot's platform sibling, the Caliber) or the Grand Cherokee and the ...


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