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chrysler financials

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    Official: Chrysler posts $183M profit for 2011

    Good news has been in abundant supply for the domestic automakers the last twelve months, and nowhere is that more evident than in the headline to this press release: "Chrysler Group Reports Full Year 2011 Net Income of $183 Million." Now, $183 million isn't exactly a king's ransom in the auto ...

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    Chrysler posts fourth-quarter operating profit amid 2010 net loss

    Things are looking up at Chrysler. The smallest of the American Big Three has announced that it managed to turn out a modified operating profit of $198 million for the fourth quarter of 2010. That number gave the Pentastar a modified operating profit of $763 million for the full year, even while ...

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    Chrysler reports $239 million operating profit for Q3

    Chrysler has announced a third-quarter operating profit of $239 million thanks to a 5.2-percent increase in revenue between July and September. That put the smallest of the Big Three's revenue at $11 billion. That put the company's net loss at $82 million, an improvement from the $172 million net ...

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    Report: Chrysler outperforming internal forecasts, readying IPO

    From Monday's 'More Good News' edition, this nugget from Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne: "It is clear that if we continue to perform at this rate we're going to be in excess of the guidance that was provided in 2009." What does that mean? It means that Chrysler is making more money and using that ...


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