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chrysler cordoba

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    Study: Car buyers not impressed by celeb endorsements. How about you? [w/poll]

    As Americans, there's no denying we have a healthy obsession with the lives of celebrities. From movie stars like Will Smith down to reality television "stars" like The Situation, people are curious as to what's going on in their world. What clothes do they wear, where do they get their groceries ...

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    Australian Auction Action: Craptacular collection from the 70s and 80s

    OK, Bonhams and Goodman in Australia is now near the top of our list of favorite auction companies. They just posted a catalogue of 150 cars from a private collection that will be up for sale next week. The best part about this offering is that these are all one man's cars and many of them aren't ...

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    VIDEO: Two Words: Corinthian Leather

    You wish you were this cool. Click to enlargeBut is Sadly, no. Not yet. In this particular Chrysler ad starring Ricardo Montalban (of course), the pimptacular brown '76 Cordoba he rolls in is equipped with the super-fly velourish interior, and the Corinthian leather we all know and love ...


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