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    Official: Chrysler's got a Grand Brand Genius on its hands

    Adweek recently held its Brand Genius awards dinner at the Edison Ballroom in New York. At the event, the "10 most memorable and innovative branding efforts" were celebrated, as well as the minds behind them. Taking top honors was Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier François, ...

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    Official: "Imported from Detroit" wins Grand Effie award for effective advertising

    Chrysler Group's "Imported from Detroit" ad campaign grabbed top honors Wednesday night in New York City, winning the North American Grand Effie Award as the most effective ad in the nation. "Imported from Detroit was the Grand Effie winner because they sold the product, the category and the ...

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    Report: Dodge getting new badge to support sporty image

    We first wrote about Dodge's new logo way back in January, when the Dexter-voiced commercials were coming out and a Dodge logo was showing up at auto shows with two stripes at the end. According to Automotive News, that graphic has been officially discussed and endorsed by Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles ...

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    VIDEO: Chrysler ad gets political, advocates for release of Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    Chrysler 300 in political spot - click above to watch the video
    This is... different. To summarize, a new commercial by Chrysler is agitating for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's (a.k.a. Burma's) pro-democracy leader and lightning rod who has been under one form of house arrest or ...

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    VIDEO: Chrysler has 300 ways to pitch its sedan for 2010

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It's not easy to market a vehicle that has been on the market for over five years with changes so imperceptible that we couldn't name them if we tried. Chrysler is in just such a situation with its flagship 300 sedan, which is most definitely getting ...

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    Chrysler cusses in never-aired gag ads

    WARNING: Video is NOT work or kid friendly. Contains adult language, and unlike Binky, it ain't bleeped.Our friends at Jalopnik discovered Chrysler's new online-only ad campaign a few days ago. Now the Jalopnik team has unearthed what is supposedly Chrysler's ad agency, BBDO Detroit, having a ...


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