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chrysler 300c touring

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    Report: Overseas-only Chrysler 300C wagon killed off

    Well, we can all stop hoping for a new Dodge Magnum. Chrysler-Lancia CEO Saad Chebab told Autocar that there will be no Touring version of the redesigned Chrysler 300 built for Europe, saying that wagon sales in the U.S. are not robust enough to justify development costs for a five-door version ...

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    Chrysler's Aussie workers build awesome 300C SRT8 Project E490

    Click image for photo galleryIn the months leading up to the Melbourne Motor Show, there was apparently a rogue group of Chrysler Australia employees working on a top secret "customer evaluation vehicle project." What they came up with was rolled out at the show as the Chrysler E490. The team took ...

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    Photo Fun: Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring

    This dates back to February, so it's technically old news, but we never covered it here directly (our buds at Autoblog en Espanol, on the other hand, did).  How can we not take a moment to admire the oddity (for us North American folks, I mean) that is the Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring? You all ...


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