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    Report: U.S. filing trade complaint against China for auto tariffs

    Automotive News China reports the United States is set to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization against China for tariffs on American-built vehicles. The duties cover around 80-percent of the vehicles imported from the U.S. and are expected to cost U.S. automakers $3.3 billion. ...

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    Ram Long-Hauler concept offers 1,600-mile range for epic road trips

    Need a way to get yourself, four buddies and a whole lot of cargo across the country with the bare minimum of fuel stops? The Ram Long-Hauler Concept is your truck. The rig got a quiet coming-out party at the Mid-America Trucking Show, which was held March 31st through April 2nd in Louisville, ...

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    REPORT: GM bondholders could still spur Chrysler merger

    It's the General Motors and Chrysler merger saga, take three. A few months ago, GM said "No can do" to the union, taking off its ring and walking out of church. Now GM's bondholders may be contemplating a shotgun wedding, forcing The General back to the altar over the debt-equity swap the automaker ...

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    Federal advisors investigating bankruptcy for GM, Chrysler

    According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration has tapped outside advisers to begin investigating debtor-in-possession financing for Chrysler and General Motors if either (or both) need to file for Chapter 11 reorganization.Quoting its usual unnamed sources, the WSJ ...

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    It's a go: Federal regulators clear Cerberus' purchase of Chrysler

    Without even waiting for the usual 30-day review period to end, US Government antitrust regulators have officially cleared the purchase of Chrysler by Cerberus Capital Management. While the sale won't officially close until Q3, this means that it won't face any regulatory hurdles or conditions. ...

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    Nearly half of Chrysler's products go to fleets, Pontiac isn't doing much better

    What did Chrysler do with its highly publicized production glut? Unloaded them onto fleets. Between September and February, 48.5-percent of Chrysler's sales were sold in quantities of ten or more. Even more troubling to dealers and consumers, close to 80-percent were bought up by rental car ...


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