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    Autoblog Holiday Gift Guide

    The Holiday Season is upon us, and just like the rest of us, you're undoubtedly running around finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your shopping list, naughty or nice. But short of a Porsche, Ferrari or Bugatti race car with a red ribbon tied around it, what kind of gift would you get for a ...

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    Automoblox unveils limited edition C9R and S9R

    Here we have another Autoblog scoop of a smaller but no less important nature than the Toyota Tundra Crew Max photo we brought you earlier. Patrick Calello, the founder and principle designer of Automoblox, has released to us exclusive images of his next line of heirloom quality toy cars. Dubbed ...

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    Race in a Briefcase

    As each of us gets older and has a harder time remembering when all we wanted for Christmas were toys, it's healthy to find a way to dive back in the past and relive those simpler times. That's a tough exercise to pull off with TPS reports that need copying and a 9-5 that doesn't allow for play ...

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    Automoblox C9p introduces Daddy's little girl to autos

    You know what the fashionistas say, pink is the new black. Or is that black is the new black? Whatev. The point is that pink's a hot color. In fact, many of us with kids that lack a Y chromosome (read: daughters) are treated daily to the sight of Barbies with pink hot pants, Hello Kitty notebooks ...

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    Porsche makes time fly with new calendars

    click on image to enlargeThe official set of 2007 Porsche calendars makes me regret ever giving Google Calendar a try. Abandoning the old wall calendar for the digital domain is clearly a mistake if we have to give up looking at vehicles like these 365 days of the year. Porsche's new set of ...

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    For the naughty and nice: BMW Individual M6 Convertible in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

    Continuing a long tradition of offering special edition rides in its Christmas catalogue, Neiman Marcus and BMW announced today the availability of the Limited-Edition 2007 BMW Individual M6 Convertible in the 2006 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Only 50 examples of this rare beauty will be sold, but ...

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    Saks Fifth Avenue to sell Mercedes-Benz CL600 Signature Edition in holiday catalog

    Once again Mercedes-Benz is teaming up with upscale department store Saks Fifth Avenue to offer the CL600 Signature Edition for sale in the "The Gift" catalog this holiday season. Only 20 Signature Editions CL600s will be produced and offered in the catalog that goes out to Saks customers in ...

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    Autoblog hits the dragstrip, Part I: A first-timer's guide to drag racing

    For gearheads, there's little better place to be than the local dragstrip on a cool summer evening. Indeed, for anyone with blood running through their veins, the words "Test-n-Tune Night" should indeed raise one's pulse and get Metallica's "Fuel" cued up in the ol' mental jukebox. Our ...


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