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christmas special

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    Report: Clarkson says this year's Top Gear Christmas special will be in India

    Jeremy Clarkson has let slip what viewers can look forward to in terms of this year's Top Gear Christmas Special. As it turns out, James May, Richard Hammond and the curly-haired host are taking to India for filming this year. At this point, it's unclear exactly what the trio will get up to in ...

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    Video: Top Gear teases Iraq Christmas special

    Top Gear Christmas Special – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We know the Top Gear crew made a stop off in Israel while filming their Christmas Special, but we had a sneaking suspicion that Clarkson, Hammond and May wouldn't be sticking to just one part of the Middle East during their ...

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    Top Gear's Middle East tour reportedly shot for Christmas Special

    Top Gear in Israel – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Were you wondering what the Top Gear crew were doing in Israel when they were spotted there last month? Well wonder no more. Reports from the British Isles are now stating that the tour across the Middle East was actually shot ...


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