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    REPORT: China launches hybrid subsidies

    Click above for high-res gallery of the BYD e6 crossover
    China has a well-known problem with the air quality in its largest cities. The issue was highly publicized just prior to last year's Olympic Games in Beijing, and since then, the government has taken various steps to rectify the problem, ...

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    SAIC to launch mild hybrid in 2010?

    After investing a few hundred million dollars into alternative powertrain research, China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) says that it's finally ready to produce its first hybrid car. Nothing too fancy, just a mild hybrid with an electric motor that isn't capable of powering the ...

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    Chery to begin production of budget hybrid this year

    As it currently stands, gas in China costs about half what it does in most other countries, and the government spends billions to keep it that way. This being the case, expensive hybrids like the Toyota Prius don't sell in very large numbers. Still, there are a number of analysts who predict that ...


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