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    Report: Chinese car quality complaints on the rise

    Just when we thought China's automotive industry had made some headway in the quality department, we get word that complaints about new car quality in the country have risen significantly over the past few months. During the first quarter of this year, complains on vehicles purchased within the ...

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    U.S. Volvo dealers interested in selling Geely models?

    Volvo's pending sale to Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group could lead to big changes (or not) for the Swedish automaker and its thousands of employees, but what about its hundreds of Volvo dealerships here in the States? Could Volvo dealers be granted Geely franchises? Will the ...

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    REPORT: China rolls out 89 new models in six months - that's one every two days

    Geely GE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've been hearing Chinese officials say for quite some time now that there are far too many automakers in the country for a healthy market in the long-term, but we didn't realize until today just how out-of-hand it may be. According to ...

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    VIDEO: Drifting on a budget the Chang'an Motors way

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    A few years ago, drifting took the motorsports world by storm... and while its momentum seems to have cooled a bit, virtually everyone can appreciate the knife-edged balance of throttle and steering needed to execute a yawning slide. That appreciation has ...

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    REPORT: Chinese expect to build cars in Mexico in 2010, may sell cars at big-box retailers

    There seems to be little doubt that Chinese cars will hit the U.S. market some soon – the big question is when. At least one automaker is suggesting that Chinese cars will enter America by way of Mexico, with production starting in 2010 and sales in the United States by 2015 after first ...

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    Brilliance releases $15k BC3 turbo coupe

    click above image for more views of the Brilliance BC3You probably don't remember this car, but we do. It's the Brilliance BC3, shown to the public for the first time in Geneva last March and now officially on sale in China. The BC3 is somewhat special because it is the first sports car developed ...

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    Brilliance to get a 2008 U.S. debut?

    Businessweek reports that Brilliance (yes, that Brilliance) plans to have cars (possibly the Saibao, above) for sale in the U.S. next year for around $20,000. Phoenix, Arizona-based Autokam is behind the import plan and a Flash animation on their Web page says to expect Brilliance products this ...

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    Roewe W2 concept a Chinese delight

    We've had our fun with Chinese-designed cars before, but it looks like someone over at Roewe knows what makes a decent-looking car.Roewe is expected to officially introduce its W2 concept later this month at the Shanghai Auto Show. Though officially a concept, Internet rumors indicate production ...

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    TVR's trademarks swiped from teenage Russian owner

    The iconic British auto brand TVR will almost certainly not be making any more vehicles in the U.K. Instead, as the Independent reports, future models will most likely be built in Asia. Why? Because, Nikolai Smolensky, known as the "Baby oligarch," split off an administration arm from the company ...


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