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    U.S. Volvo dealers interested in selling Geely models?

    Volvo's pending sale to Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group could lead to big changes (or not) for the Swedish automaker and its thousands of employees, but what about its hundreds of Volvo dealerships here in the States? Could Volvo dealers be granted Geely franchises? Will the ...

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    REPORT: China's Changan delays plan to enter North American auto market

    Changan is coming to America, just not yet. Aiming to establish a base in Mexico with which to move into the U.S. market, the Chinese automaker signed a deal last year to build a plant south of the border. The familiar story of planetary financial catastrophe has encouraged Changan to tap the ...

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    REPORT: China rolls out 89 new models in six months - that's one every two days

    Geely GE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've been hearing Chinese officials say for quite some time now that there are far too many automakers in the country for a healthy market in the long-term, but we didn't realize until today just how out-of-hand it may be. According to ...

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    REPORT: Chinese expect to build cars in Mexico in 2010, may sell cars at big-box retailers

    There seems to be little doubt that Chinese cars will hit the U.S. market some soon – the big question is when. At least one automaker is suggesting that Chinese cars will enter America by way of Mexico, with production starting in 2010 and sales in the United States by 2015 after first ...

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    HongQi announces new photochopped Lincoln MKT crossover!

    How brazen can you get? At least most of the Chinese auto-cloners automakers create their own renderings of the cars they are copying. HongQi, a "premium" brand produced by First Auto Works in China simply grabbed a couple of press shots of the Lincoln MKT concept from the Ford Media site and ...

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    Ready to buy Chinese? EV for $15k

    The ZX40 isn't much -- a electric hatchback starting at just under $15,000 with a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 25 mph -- but it's here from China, and it's street legal in the U.S. The battery-powered hatch from Miles Automotive is built by Tianjin-based Qingyuan and represents one of the ...

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    China manufactures two million extra vehicles

    For the past decade or so, China has been looked upon by the automotive industry as something approaching a gold rush in waiting, with millions of units ripe for the selling. That may yet be true, but it's hard to reconcile that with the notion that China overbuilt to the tune of two million excess ...

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    Chery to take longer to ripen than Bricklin expected

    Time to unmark your calendars. Chery, the opening salvo in what is likely to be a tidal wave of Chinese imports into the U.S., is running behind schedule. Visionary Vehicles chief Malcolm Bricklin is relenting on his bid to have cars in American dealerships by late 2007, and when the vehicles ...

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    Coming soon to a theater near you: "Malcolm Bricklin: The Movie"?

    Automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin's business successes and failings over the years have been well documented in the media over the years, with Autoblog being no exception. All eyes are on Bricklin to see if his grandiose plans for Chinese automaker Chery can meet with Subaru-like success, ...

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    Increasingly savvy Chinese auto consumers quickly becoming tough sell

    The growing Chinese auto market has apparently sparked the growth of a highly-discerning group of customers, which might be a bit surprising considering that 84% of Chinese new-car transactions take place with first-time car buyers. With information moving faster than ever before and in a market ...


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