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    Report: Volkswagen could outsell GM in China for the first time in nine years

    As of the end of November, Volkswagen had sold 70,000 more cars than General Motors in China in 2013, making it appear inevitable that VW will outsell GM there. The feat would return the German brand to the top of chart in China for the first time in nine years, but even the second-place getter ...

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    Report: China, meet Hyundai's new Mistra sedan

    If there was no Hyundai badge, the front end styling of the Korean automaker's new China-only Mistra sedan could have fooled us into thinking it was a refreshed Nissan Altima. Walk around for profile and rear-end views, and we can see more than a bit of Azera in the newest Hyundai, too. But the ...

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    Report: Chinese buyers not big fans of American luxury cars

    The automotive market in China is expanding, and it's doing so quickly. Chinese car shoppers helped the industry grow 33 percent in 2010. Luxury automakers enjoyed even more prosperity with a 75-percent increase in sales. So what brand catches the eye of a Chinese consumer looking to put some ...

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    Fiat taking Chrysler production back to China within four years

    As recently as two years ago Chrysler and Chery were more than cozy and working on Chinese-market products that would eventually make their way this way. Nothing ultimately came of it, but Chrysler hasn't given up on the Chinese dream. Or more accurately, Fiat hasn't given up on the Chinese dream ...

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    GM releases Chevrolet New Sail in China

    2010 Chevrolet New Sail – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While all kinds of reveals are occurring at the Detroit Auto Show, halfway 'round the would, General Motors has unveiled its 2010 Chevrolet New Sail to China, the world's largest auto market. The New Sail is a joint venture ...

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    GM forecasts 20+ percent growth in China, but Chinese competition lies ahead

    General Motors is revising its sales forecast for China this year - upward. Thanks to a booming economy, GM China Group president Kevin Wale projects sales growth "significantly more" than GM's earlier forecast of 20 percent. GM is the market leader in China, with a 12 percent share.Wales sees ...


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