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chinese automakers

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    Report: China's Great Wall aiming to sell vehicles in US around 2015

    Stop us if you've heard this one before: "The Chinese are coming." According to Automotive News, Great Wall Motor Co. plans to sell its vehicles in the US by around 2015. The Chinese automaker has been researching its planned expansion for the last two years, looking at everything from regulatory ...

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    Study: China still 10 years away from globally competitive car company

    It may be a spell before Chinese automakers are capable of turning out a globally competitive vehicle. That's the findings of a sprawling 200 page report by Bernstein Research. The group went through the trouble of purchasing two Chinese-made cars, importing them to Europe and disassembling them ...

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    Official: Qoros brand debuting in Geneva with 3 Sedan, two concepts

    There will be plenty of debuts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but one of the more unique reveals will be for an entire car company. Chinese automaker Qoros will use the prominent auto show to introduce itself to the world by launching a new production-intent sedan as well as two "concepts" that ...

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    Report: Saab union asks Obama to pressure GM for licensing deal

    The door has not yet closed on Saab. Hoping for yet another 11th hour stay of execution, the defunct carmaker's chief union, IF Metall, has written directly to President Obama, asking him to intervene, according to Just-Auto. While on the surface, this may seem silly, it's actually rather clever, ...

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    Report: Chinese automakers hope to boost exports

    We've heard for years that Chinese automakers hoped one day to export their wares to the United States. Ironically, the global economic slowdown could be what gives the Chinese incentive to finally make it happen. Chinese automakers ramped up production capacity to meet surging demand at home ...

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    Official: Saab's Chinese buyers commit over $850M in long-term funding

    Saab may have finally been saved last week when Chinese companies Pang Da Automobile Trade Co. and Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co. agreed to buy the Swedish automaker, thus providing some much-needed short- and long-term financing. Pang Da and Youngman purchased Saab for 100 million euros ...

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    Report: China tells foreign automakers they must build low-cost local brands

    If you want to do business in the Chinese market, you have to play by the rules set out by the Chinese government... and those rules are subject to change. Such is the case in the automotive segment, where officials from China are reportedly set to add some requirements for automakers that wish to ...

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    WikiLeaks reveals disturbing business practices of Buffett's BYD

    2009 BYD F3DM – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Are Chinese cars nothing more than cheap copies of other automaker's products in other parts of the world? That's a question that's been asked rather widely for the last several years as the numbers of large Chinese automakers has ...

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    Report: China to 'force' car company mergers, hopes to consolidate market

    Currently, there are 130 different automakers existing in China, and in an effort to create stronger companies, the Chinese government will be releasing plans to encourage mergers and buyouts between the different manufacturers. These new guidelines, drawn up by the Chinese Ministry of Industry ...

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    REPORT: Geely's plans to buy Volvo from Ford unravelling over intellectual property concerns?

    Ford has been trying to offload the Volvo brand since December of 2008, but after years of rumors and speculation those 10 months feel more like a decade. China's Geely has been speculated as the number-one bidder for the Blue Oval's Swedish luxury brand, but a report by Bloomberg asserts that ...

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    China tallies 1.84 million recalls over last four years

    In 2004, China set up an official government body to regulate the business of automobile recalls. Previous to that, some car companies simply wouldn't recall faulty vehicles due to the lack of regulation. The head of that official body recently announced that in the four years it has been tracking ...

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    Chinese government to reward scrapping your car and buying a new one

    China, just like the U.S. of A., is worried about its auto industry. Last year Chinese auto production topped 8.8 million vehicles, and this year the country was on track to reach 10 million sales. Then everything went all pear-shaped, and now Chinese automakers are asking their government for ...

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    U.S. insurer AIG buys stake in Chinese carmaker Lifan

    One of the main concerns that Autoblog readers have about Chinese cars is their safety. We've seen some fairly horrific crash tests of Chinese-made cars recently, but some improvements, as well. You just gotta know American insurance companies are not looking forward to these things being on U.S. ...

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    Chinese coming on strong at 2008 Detroit Auto Show

    We remember back in 2005 2006 when the first Chinese automaker to exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show made history just by attending. That would be Geely, and though its display was relegated to the front lobby, the motoring press was impressed by its mere presence in the Motor City. Fast Forward to ...

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    Chinese government puts brakes on automakers

    Not so long ago, the Chinese government was encouraging automotive manufacturers as a way to stimulate the country's economy. Now, however, the National Development and Reform Commission has hit the brakes with new rules dictating how China's burgeoning automotive industry can expand. "Signs of ...

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    ChangFeng bringing Chinese SUVs to NAIAS

    With China's Geely out of the picture for now, it looks like Chang Feng will be the Chinese representative in Detroit next year. Dow Jones reports that Chang Feng will bring four vehicles to NAIAS 2007. Chang Feng is expected to show up with two Liebao (Chinese for Cheetah) branded pickup trucks ...


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