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chinese auto industry

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    Report: China ends tariffs on cars imported from US

    The trade dispute affecting the Chinese and US auto industries may be cooling off, as the Asian country has announced an end to controversial duties levied on some American-made vehicles. According to Reuters, this was largely in retaliation to US import tariffs on Chinese-made tires in ...

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    Report: Fortune asks, "Is the party in China over?"

    Though many may not realize the extent of it, the auto business has been booming in China for a while now. General Motors actually sells more vehicles there than they do in the States, and huge market growth in China has been crucial to the bottom lines of all the carmakers that do business ...

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    China tallies 1.84 million recalls over last four years

    In 2004, China set up an official government body to regulate the business of automobile recalls. Previous to that, some car companies simply wouldn't recall faulty vehicles due to the lack of regulation. The head of that official body recently announced that in the four years it has been tracking ...

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    China Brilliance produces a Chinese car that (gulp) looks good

    It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. China Brilliance, a Chinese car company that’s best buds with BMW, has produced a design that doesn’t burn the retinas upon first sight. This is the Jinjue, which can be translated either as “Triumphant Horse” or ...


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