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china car sales

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    Report: Volkswagen could outsell GM in China for the first time in nine years

    As of the end of November, Volkswagen had sold 70,000 more cars than General Motors in China in 2013, making it appear inevitable that VW will outsell GM there. The feat would return the German brand to the top of chart in China for the first time in nine years, but even the second-place getter ...

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    Report: Higher prices, more controls slow auto sales in China

    China saw the slowest growth in the country's auto market in over a decade last year, according to the Associated Press. Sales rose by just 2.5 percent in 2011, thanks in part to more expensive vehicles and tighter buying controls. All told, consumers brought home 18.5 million vehicles last year, ...

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    Report: GM looking to double China sales to five million units

    The Chinese auto market is the biggest in the world, and thanks the country's population of 1.6 billion people, nobody knows just how big this market will end up being. General Motors has been a major force in the success of this emerging market, with 2.35 million sales in 2010, and the ...

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    Report: China officially eclipsed U.S. as world's largest car market in 2009

    What's that Bruce Springsteen song? "Glory Days?" You know where this is going, and if you don't, take a seat. America is no longer the largest auto market in the world. The People's Republic of China is. Mao would be so... proud is not the right word. Here's the specifics. Before we start, ...

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    REPORT: China passes U.S. in auto sales

    Most of the world has been knee deep in a wicked recession for quite a while, and auto sales have been hit especially hard. Here in the U.S., the numbers have been abysmal, as the first half of the year saw only 4.8 million sales through June. China, on the other hand, is running away with the ...

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    Dodge to sell Caliber, Caravan in China

    Just as Chrysler is finalizing plans to bring Chinese-made B-class cars to the States, they're also taking advantage of a growing affinity over there for American-flavored rides. China Car Times is reporting that Dodge will begin selling Calibers and Caravans in China with partner SouEast Motors. ...


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