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    Ailing BYD prepares for layoffs in China

    Sometimes building the dream involves a little un-building and renovation. Such is the case with China's BYD (an acronym for Build Your Dreams) that, two years ago, made Warren Buffet a billion dollars in profit and made its chairman Wang Chuanfu the richest man in China, but by the end of last ...

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    Report: China reboots Cash For Clunkers program

    If there's been a single reason for hope among auto executives during the past few lean years, it's been spelled C-H-I-N-A. Despite being a difficult regulatory environment with many hoops for automakers to jump through, the People's Republic has shone as the industry's brightest and biggest hope ...

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    Rumormill: BYD interested in buying Maybach from Mercedes?!

    Maybach Zeppelin 62 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to one of China's largest auto-related websites, BYD is interested is acquiring the Maybach brand from Mercedes-Benz within the next few years. The site, is reporting that an undisclosed official from BYD ...

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    REPORT: Ssangyong restarts production

    Korean automaker Ssangyong has reportedly restarted five of its production lines at its plants in Pyeongtaek and Changwon. Earlier this month, Ssangyong was forced to enter receivership as a last ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy after failing to negotiate a deal with Shanghai Automotive ...

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    Rumormill: China Automobile almost kicked out of Frankfurt show?

    According to UK-based media service Headline Auto, one of the hot rumors flying around the Auto Messe in Frankfurt earlier this morning was that China Automobile, the German importer for Chinese automaker Shuanghuan, was going to get booted out of the exhibit hall. The controversy stems from some ...

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    Geely sales skyrocket at home

    The United States may be a little wary of China's Geely Automobile Holdings, Ltd., but folks in China are all over the automaker, pushing sales March sales up 36.2 percent over last year, with sales of 16,788 units. The manufacturer isn't doing too badly this quarter, ...

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    Citroen C-Triomphe headed for China

    China loves its sedans. The exploding market favors the three-box shape to the tune of 80-percent market share, so it isn't surprising that Citroen has grafted a trunk to its C4 in order to curry favor. As seen here, the C-Triomphe is a lengthened C4 with the wheelbase extended, lending the ...


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