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chevy v8

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    Video: Listen to the Laraki Epitome's 1,750-hp engine run

    The outrageous 1,750-horsepower Laraki Epitome caught us by surprise at Pebble Beach, and we caught it from plenty of different angles in photos. While we imagine the $2,000,000 Epitome is probably waiting outside Michael Bay's estate right now trying to get a walk-on part in Transformers 4, we ...

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    Official: GM marks 100-millionth small-block engine built [w/video]

    A lot has happened in the last 56 years... mankind landed on the moon, the Cold War ended and General Motors managed to build 100 million small-block V8 engines. First launched in 1955 with 265 cubic inches of displacement, the small block V8 has seen duty in nearly every memorable machine ...

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    eBay Find of the Galaxy: 1979 Fiat X/19

    We know that eBay's slogan says "You can get it on eBay," and for the most part that's really a great thing. Let's just say that certain Autobloggers appreciate the fact that there's a place on the web where one can easily acquire a mint-condition print advertisement for the 2-door 1970 Chrysler ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1956 Wright Special

    A week or so ago, we showed you the 1957 Bonaguro Special, a pretty dream car realized through one man's vision and hands. Well, this week we bring you another such 'special' -- this one geared more towards racing than cruising. It also appears to need quite a bit more work, but the ...


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