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1252015 Chevrolet Trax

More Empty Nester Than Emo Kid

After the obligatory product presentation for the 2015 Trax, I caught up with Steve Majoros, Chevrolet's director of marketing for crossovers and cars, and asked him to elaborate on which markets his planners believe will be the hot starters for this tiny CUV. Without much hesitation, Majoros began to click off traditional sales havens for Subaru, namely, New England and the snowy bits of the East Coast, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest.

63Chevy Trax to start at $20,120*

The Chevrolet Trax is the slightly more meat-and-potatoes cousin to the Buick Encore, with the same platform and engine underneath but a touch less luxury. The little compact crossover is on its way to US dealers in January 2015, and Chevy is finally announcing the base price for this runabout CUV at $20,120 (*plus $875 for destination) when it goes on sale. That's around $4,000 less than a starter Encore before its destination fee.

114GM recalling 8.4M cars, 8.2M related to ignition problems [UPDATE]

Recall Covers Equivalent Populations Of Nine US States And District Of Columbia Combined

General Motors today announced a truly massive recall covering some 8.4 million vehicles in North America. Most significantly, 8.2 million examples of the affected vehicles are being called back due to "unintended ignition key rotation," though GM spokesperson Alan Adler tells Autoblog that this issue is not like the infamous Chevy Cobalt ignition switch fiasco.

120Chevy outpacing Toyota, Honda, Ford in subcompact sales

Years ago, the subcompact car market was mostly made up of under-powered, poorly featured little penalty boxes, but over the course of the past decade, this segment has absolutely flourished. Cars like the Honda Fit are something most people would happily drive. And it appears that Chevrolet is really figuring things out with booming popularity from its one-two punch of small models with the Spark and Sonic.

46Shanghai GM debuts Trax and redesigned Cruze in Beijing

Shanghai GM, General Motors' joint-venture partner in China, has officially unveiled a pair of new entries for Chevrolet in the People's Republic. First up is the Trax, a vehicle that is also set to arrive in the American market.

912015 Chevrolet Trax is the Encore's encore [w/video]

We imagine the conversation among Chevrolet's product planners that led to a greenlight for a US-spec Chevrolet Trax went something like this: "Hey, the Buick Encore is selling like mad. It's proven that people love subcompact crossovers. Quick, let's import a vehicle from Canada."

144GM apologizing for this Chevy Trax ad dubbed 'racist' [UPDATE]

In what can only be described as a growing trend, another automaker finds itself in trouble for an ad that critics are calling offensive. A new television and internet ad for the Chevrolet Trax subcompact crossover is under fire for its soundtrack, which a Chinese newspaper has labeled "racist."

28GM to make Trax for Holden

In mid-May, General Motors announced it would bring the Chevrolet Trax to the Paris Motor Show this fall. The tiny crossover shares nearly everything with North America's Buick Encore and the previously revealed Opel/Vauxhall Mokka, but there's an important fourth variant we haven't heard about until today – one for Holden.

92Chevrolet Trax crossover headed to Paris, not bound for U.S.

If you're wondering why the name Trax sounds familiar, it's because we've heard it before. That's right, General Motors' chunky little crossover concept has blossomed into the production CUV you see here, and might we say, it's quite a handsome little thing.

17Chicago 2009: New AUTOBOTS on display

Click above for high-res gallery of the Transformers cars from GM

AddChicago 2009: GM transforms Volt into Jolt, Beat into Skids, Trax into Mudflap

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevy Jolt

17Update on Chevy Minicar vote

Time to check in on the voting for America's Next Micro Chevy. Remember the online voting Chevy opened up to determine which of their three minicar concepts would reach production? Well, in just a short time, the site has registered nearly 800,000 votes. The leader so far is the baby HHR-like Groove, with the WTCC-like Beat a ways back in second, and both far ahead of the baby-ute Trax. In case you don't remember these three concepts, Chevy decided to bring three minicars to the 2007 New York Au

AddBeat, Groove or Trax? GM wants you to vote for your fave minicar concept

Which of the Chevy triplets is most likely to succeed? That's the question that GM is trying to answer with their latest Internet vote (in January, GM asked us to vote for the Volt). The three concept cars: the Beat, the Trax and the Groove, have been in the public eye for a little less than a week now, and this vote is a way for GM to gauge which of the three has made the best initial impression.

AddNew York Auto Show: Chevy Trax live reveal photos

Click the photo for a gallery of the Chevy Trax

AddNew York Auto Show: Chevy Beat Concept

Click on the photo for a high res gallery of the Beat

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