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chevy super bowl commercial

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    Video: Chevy shines light on bull breeding in Silverado HD Super Bowl spot

    Chevrolet has made a big push with its latest batch of Silverado trucks to emphasize its link to the country. It did it this past summer when it launched the Silverado ad, Her Horse. So you'd be forgiven for thinking that this latest spot, featuring the new heavy-duty variant of Chevy's pickup, ...

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    Breaking: Ford asks Chevrolet, then NBC, to pull Silverado Super Bowl ad

    Chevrolet is having some pointed fun with its apocalyptic Super Bowl ad featuring the Silverado called "2012," only the fun is pointed directly at Ford, which finds it a little too sharp to be all that much fun. So on the eve of the big game, Ford sent Chevy a cease-and-desist letter to pull the ...

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    Video: Chevy Silverado takes shot at Ford in apocalyptic Super Bowl ad

    Chevrolet continues its onslaught of Super Bowl ads released before this Sunday's big game, clearly hoping that volume plays in its favor when the points are tallied by marketing analysts on Monday. Today's commercial, entitled "2012," stars the Chevrolet Silverado in a post-apocalyptic world. ...

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    Video: Chevy turns to aliens to pitch Volt in Super Bowl ad

    Just when you thought you'd seen all the Super Bowl ads there were to see, Chevrolet is jumping in with a whole new spot for the Volt. The General Motors plug-in hybrid has been struggling to make sales headway for a number of reasons, including a now-closed government investigation into the ...

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    Video: Chevy Sonic teases Ok Go music video and extreme sports ads for Super Bowl

    The Chevrolet Sonic has been busy lately – taking part in a host of adventurous activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, kickflipping, and making a music video. We've seen snippets of a lot of the extreme sports activities the Sonic hatch has been involved in, but we have yet to see the ...

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    Featured: A sneak peek at Chevrolet's plan for the Super Bowl

    Chevrolet has purchased seven spots. It's the two-minute warning in terms of Super Bowl advertising and Chevrolet still has some ground to cover. General Motors' largest brand is still mulling its advertising lineup with less than two weeks remaining until the New York Giants and New England ...

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    Video: GM chooses "Chevy Happy Grad" for Super Bowl ad

    Super Bowl commercials are big business, with multimillion-dollar 30-second spots and productions that seem to get more costly and elaborate every year. General Motors bucked that trend by giving independent film makers the opportunity to make their own 60-second spot, with the winner having ...

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    Official: Pick your favorite Super Bowl ad from Chevy, win a prize [w/video]

    Chevrolet is running deeper and deeper into social media, its latest reach-out to frienders and lurkers being a video contest called Chevrolet Route 66. More than 190 films from filmmakers in 32 countries have been submitted for the chance to have their effort aired during the 2012 Super ...

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    Miss Evelyn's "Wild Ride" in a Camaro most-watched ad of all time

    Miss Evelyn's "Wild Ride" in a Camaro - Click above to watch video
    The Nielsen Company has counted the numbers from last weekend's Super Bowl and determined that General Motors' "Wild Ride" Chevrolet Camaro commercial (its official name is "Miss Evelyn") has become the most-watched ad of all ...

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    Videos: Chevy drops entire load of Super Bowl commercials on us

    Chevrolet Silverado HD Super Bowl ad - Click above to watch video after the jump
    General Motors has gone ahead and saved us all the agony of waiting until the Super Bowl this Sunday to see all five of the company's new ads. The automaker has officially yanked the veil of secrecy off of the spots ...

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    Video: Second Camaro Super Bowl commercial features blondes, red heads and brunettes

    Chevrolet Camaro Super Bowl Ad - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    A long-standing favorite past-time of beer-drinking buddies everywhere is coming up with absurd movie and commercial plots. With the unfortunate exception of The Love Guru, none of these ill-conceived scripts have ...


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