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chevy matiz

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    Report: Chevrolet in European sales funk

    Conventional wisdom would dictate that Chevrolet sales in Europe should accelerate as more and more buyers battered by the continent's sour economy look to save money by choosing small, inexpensive cars over larger, more expensive options. After all, Chevrolet is positioned as General Motors' ...

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    PSA: Chevy owns 94% of Uzbekistan car market for make benefit glorious nation

    General Motors has been the largest automaker in the United States since before many of your parents were born. And The General managed to keep its sales lead in spite of a very public government-assisted bankruptcy and the loss of four brands. But while GM's 20 percent market share remains ...

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    Spy Shots: Chevy Beat caught testing in China

    We saw the Chevy Beat concept unveiled a year ago, and now a camouflaged mule has been caught testing in China, fueling speculation that the Beat will succeed the Spark in that market. The Beat is certainly far less dowdy than the Spark, which is also sold, sometimes gratuitously, as the Matiz in ...

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    VIDEO: There's a Chevy Matiz in this ad, somewhere (NSFW)

    Click above to view videoYou may not want to watch this at the office if you work in a puritanical professional environment, but we swear there's a car in this commercial somewhere. We just don't seem to notice it, no matter how many times we watch the video. (Believe us, we've tried.)The ...

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    Chevy Matiz blooms in Britain

    The car above was once a garden-variety Chevrolet Matiz. Then, British celeb florist Paula Pryke got her hands on it. Bouts of madness and wanton flower-slaying ensued, and that's how the Chevrolet Matiz "Car In Bloom" was born.You see, in the UK, one in three women think style and color are the ...


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