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32GM marketing changes to Run Deep?

The Detroit Free Press reports General Motors may be out to reorganize its marketing effort once again. According to the report, Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick noted at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show that the company is currently in the process of reviewing the agencies that handle media buying and Chevrolet advertising for the automaker around the world. Ewanick's team is expected to make decisions about how to more effectively and efficiently use its marketing dollars in the next few weeks.

52Chevy Volt tagline: "More Car Than Electric"

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64Chevrolet already scrapping week-old "Excellence for All" campaign?

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78Chevrolet's new slogan: "Excellence for All" [w/poll]

Question: If Cadillac is the Standard of the World, and Buick is just one notch below its range-topping, Wreath-and-Crested Caddy sibling, where does that leave Chevrolet, General Motors' mainstream brand?

15GM dealers will need to bear heavy advertising burden

General Motors has slashed its advertising budget by 20% for 2009, according to Ed Peper, VP at Chevrolet. Still, there are at least two new products that are coming from Chevrolet this year, and both of them will need a big head start if they're going to make headway in this luke-warm market. After all, a botched or mistimed launch is something that could easily bring GM to its knees. For this reason, most of the available resources will be spent on the new 2009 Camaro and the upcoming Equinox,

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