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202012 Chevrolet Cruze not so hot with zombies

Zombies are more like us than you'd imagine – although they have different reasons, they hate flossing as much as many humans. That's one of the insights gleaned from a new web commercial for the Chevrolet Cruze in which one of our "zombie overlords" shares his feelings on various topics, including The Bowtie's small car.

AddChevy Volt tagline: "More Car Than Electric"

Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

78Chevrolet's new slogan: "Excellence for All" [w/poll]

Question: If Cadillac is the Standard of the World, and Buick is just one notch below its range-topping, Wreath-and-Crested Caddy sibling, where does that leave Chevrolet, General Motors' mainstream brand?

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