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    Autogas Chevrolet Matiz Concept = LPG for the masses

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept
    Thanks to a company called fahrmitgas ("go with gas", get it?), our European readers will soon be able to cut their fuel costs to the low, low price of €3 (about $4.20 USD) for every 100 km of driving. Of course, they'll ...

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    VIDEO: There's a Chevy Matiz in this ad, somewhere (NSFW)

    Click above to view videoYou may not want to watch this at the office if you work in a puritanical professional environment, but we swear there's a car in this commercial somewhere. We just don't seem to notice it, no matter how many times we watch the video. (Believe us, we've tried.)The ...

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    Chevy Matiz blooms in Britain

    The car above was once a garden-variety Chevrolet Matiz. Then, British celeb florist Paula Pryke got her hands on it. Bouts of madness and wanton flower-slaying ensued, and that's how the Chevrolet Matiz "Car In Bloom" was born.You see, in the UK, one in three women think style and color are the ...


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