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Chevrolet Aveo Sedan? – Click above for high-res image gallery

We first saw the concept Chevrolet Aveo RS at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show and have since caught the next-gen Aveo in action, but that was in its heavily disguised form. Now we got our hands on this new image of the upcoming Aveo RS, cleverly Photoshopped by the folks over at Aveo Forum. In it's unmasked form, the Aveo RS looks significantly sportier than any other Aveo on the road today.

If your head's still spinning from General Motors' decision to pull the Orlando from its domestic offerings, you might want to sit down. According to a report on M Live, things are about to get a little more bizarre. The site names an unnamed source as saying GM will begin building a new small Buick crossover at its Orion assembly plant sometime soon. The company has made it clear that it is interested in Buick snagging younger buyers, and a CUV would be a smart way to do just that.

2011 Chevrolet Aveo spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

2011 Chevrolet Aveo spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chevrolet Aveo RS concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chevrolet Aveo RS concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

On Wednesday night, Chevrolet held a media preview in Motown to discuss and show off some of what will be coming up at the Detroit Auto Show next month. Unfortunately, we were not allowed take any photos or video at the event, although General Motors officials did say we could write about anything that was discussed.

Click on the image above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Up until now all examples of Chevrolet's smallest car, the Aveo have come from GM's South Korean affiliate, Daewoo. With high gas prices causing buyers to snap up Aveos at a similar rapid rate to all other small cars, GM is now adding more production capacity. Aveos are now rolling off a new line at a factory in San Luis Potosi Mexico at the rate of 30 cars per hour. Not only is the Aveo fairly thrifty in its use of petroleum, the new factory itself has been designed to have a minimal impact.

The General, along with the rest of the American automakers, has a long established history of making the most profits from the largest vehicles. Small cars from the Detroit 3 have therefore fallen way behind the imports when it comes to desirability. GM Global Design Chief Ed Welburn went so far as to say, "In North America, we never did a good small car." Ouch. Instead, all the best designs come from overseas, which GM has plenty of experience in. "Today, we are able to draw on resources of de

GM Daewoo has been forced to idle its plant in Bupyeong, South Korea due to strong-arm tactics by tire OEMs Hankook and Kumho. The Bupyeong plant produces the vehicle we know and ummm... tolerate as the Chevrolet Aveo, and possibly (unfortunately) soon as the Pontiac G3. Rather than pony up the 12% price increases that the tire suppliers want, GM wants a preliminary injunction to force them to end the supply cutoff. For their part, Hankook and Kumho cite higher raw materials costs for their incr

We might have suspected it'd eventually come to this. Chevy has started paying people to pay attention to its Aveo. Well, not exactly. In a unique piece of advertisement, Chevrolet erected a billboard in London with an image of an Aveo hatchback decorated in real one-pence pieces. It was certainly a clever ploy to grab the attention of the public and illustrate the 769,500 pence price of the car, but it didn't stand a chance against the prying fingers of passersby. In a mere 30 minutes, human vu

Click above for high-res gallery of the Chevy Aveo

Click above for more high-res shots of the Chevy Aveo5

UPDATE: Back by popular demand, direct download of the podcast has been added as a link below.

What a difference a day makes, or a few years at least. While many automakers were rushing to add premium models to their lineups just a few years ago, today the buzzword is affordability. Perhaps a ripple effect of high gas prices, or the green movement, or even the emerging third-world automotive markets, everybody seems to be thinking cheap. In response, BusinessWeek has compiled a list of super affordable vehicles that will be available over the next couple of years. The common factor here i

Due to the popularity of small, fuel-sipping cars, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has smashed up some of the newest offerings. And, as if you needed further proof to get optional side air bags on your next car, the minimally-bagged Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Scion xB and Toyota Yaris all got poor ratings while the Nissan Versa and Honda Fit, both with standard side airbags, and the Yaris with optional side bags, got top ratings in side crash testing

The votes are in, the judges have, uh, judged and it's official: Democrats control the House.

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