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chevrolet nova

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    Video: Is this 1972 Chevrolet Nova the world's greatest sleeper?

    Those of you foolish enough to follow the Autoblog Podcast know I have a soft spot for sleepers. There's just something amazing about a beaten old car secreting flawless mechanicals down below. The guys at Big Muscle have managed to track down what may very well be the queen of all sleeperdom in ...

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    Videos: World's Fastest Street Car drives 1,200 miles, whips off 6.95 ET @ 209 mph

    Larry Larson and his six-second street-driven Nova – Click above to watch videos after the jump
    Technically, there's nothing wrong with putting your race car on a trailer and towing it to the track. In fact, as anyone who has tried to use a track rat as a daily driver can tell you, a car ...

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    After 25 years, GM ditches NUMMI tie-up with Toyota

    As part of its "New GM"/"Old GM" bankruptcy proceedings, General Motors has announced that it will abandon its ownership stake in the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated (NUMMI) joint venture with Toyota.According to an official statement, GM and Toyota worked to find a future product that ...

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    Cold Reception: Art students to place Chevy Nova in an ice cube

    Photo for illustration purposes only, courtesy of If you've ever lived in a cold climate, you might know the displeasure of having to scrape ice off your windshield and out of the keyhole to get to work. It's one thing when Mother Nature is the culprit, but it's quite another to deep ...


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