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    Chrysler and Chery quit talking about small car

    Well, crap. For all of us who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chinese-built Dodge Demon or the Chinese-built Dodge Hornet or the Chrysler-badged, Chinese-built Chery A1, fugetaboutit. It's officially not happening. Mike Manley, Chrysler's executive vice president of international sales and ...

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    Chrysler's deal with Chery on hold

    It may be time to stop holding your breath. The planned deal between Chrysler LLC and the Chery Automobile Company to bring a Chrysler-badged Chery to our shores seems to be completely over... no, really this time. While there was nothing inherently wrong with the concept of importing the small ...

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    Chery to begin production of budget hybrid this year

    As it currently stands, gas in China costs about half what it does in most other countries, and the government spends billions to keep it that way. This being the case, expensive hybrids like the Toyota Prius don't sell in very large numbers. Still, there are a number of analysts who predict that ...

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    Happy (Chery) Eastar!

    Click above for Chery Eastar convertible galleryIn case you were jonesing for a dose of weirdness from the Chinese auto industry today, Chery has complied. Behold the Chery Eastar convertible. China Car Times' headline asks, "The thinking man's Bentley?" Perhaps, if said man is doing his thinking ...

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    Malcolm Bricklin filing a multi-billion RICO lawsuit against Chery Motors

    Back in 2004 serial automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin announced plans to collaborate with "rogue" Chinese automaker Chery Motors to bring new cars to the US market. Chery is referred to as "rogue" because the company never actually got permission from the Chinese government to get into the ...

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    Volvo's suitor of the week: China's Chery

    Following up on our report last month about Volvo possibly going to the Chinese, state media is now reporting that Chery Automobile, one of the largest independent and fastest growing Chinese auto manufacturers, has its eyes on the Swedish automaker. Although officials at Chery rule out the ...

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    Chinese-made, Dodge-badged cars coming to Mexico next year

    After years of talk, Chery is finally entering the North American market later this year, but the small car will be badged as a Dodge, and it'll be sold exclusively in Mexico. The decidedly un-Hornet-looking A1, which was designed by Bertone of Italy, will be rebadged as a Dodge and virtually ...

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    Chrysler and Chery's lovechild not ready for export, yet

    If you've been waiting on pins and needles for a small Chrysler that's due to be built in China by Chery, you're going to have to twiddle your thumbs a little longer. Though we've been hearing about a Chrysler/Chery Hornet or Demon for some time, execs from both companies don't believe the products ...

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    Pininfarina tapped to style 3 concepts debuting in Beijing

    Pininfarina is making its voice heard designs seen in China, with 30-percent of the company's business now being done with the Asian nation. At this month's Beijing Motor Show, two Chinese automakers will reveal three models designed and, in some cases, engineered by the Italian firm. What's more, ...

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    Spy Shot: Chinese-built Dodge Breeze caught

    The Dodge Breeze is A #1. Or, rather, it's an A1. Chinese automaker Chery's deal with Chrysler LLC to produce small cars for Chrysler's three brands begat the little buzz-about you see above. The photo appeared on a Chinese forum and is supposedly the Chinese Plymouth Dodge Breeze, one of the ...

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    Wrong-Wheel-Drive! Dodge Demon to use Chery platform

    click above for more high-res images of the Dodge Demon ConceptThe Dodge Demon has been hinted and anti-hinted for production, and it seems that the sports car will indeed make it into showrooms. Unfortunately, according to AutoWeek, the Demon will wind up on a front wheel drive chassis from Chery. ...

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    Chery to delay exports to Europe

    Europeans anxiously awaiting their chance to buy a Chery will have to cool their heels a little longer. Chery's delaying the export of their B21, but it's not for anything major like crash performance woes. According to suppliers, Chery has pushed back production so they can revamp the interior ...

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    Chery A6 coupe heads into production

    View in hi-res courtesy of Autoblog Chinese If you're still under the impression that Chinese automakers are only building knock-offs of existing cars and small sedans through joint venture with foreign carmakers, think again. The Chery A6, previewed at the Shanghai show by the A6CC concept, is ...

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    Chery enters joint venture with Israel Corp.

    Israel develops and produces a lot of things, from microchips to cosmetics. But, discounting the odd dune-buggy or army jeep, cars aren't one of them. So it came as a bi t of a surprise when Quantum, an American subsidiary of (the imaginatively named) holding company Israel Corp., announced it was ...

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    Dodge-branded Chery A1 headed to Mexico soon

    Chrysler and Chery will finally consummate their corporate marriage south of the border when a version of the Dodge-badged Chery A1 goes on sale in Mexico soon. The Chinese econobox will be built at Chery's Wuhu plant and exported to Mexico. According to a review in the Wall Street Journal, beyond ...

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    VIDEO: Wall Street Journal goes inside Chery factory

    The Wall Street Journal was allowed behind the scenes at Chinese automaker Chery, a rare privilege in Communist China. The reporter didn't discover any top-secret plans for world domination or even a rendering of what Dodge's Chery-made car would look like. But he did see German and Italian ...

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    The Chinese are coming! Well, eventually...

    We've been hearing a lot lately about Chinese cars' impending arrival on our shores. According to what could be cooler heads -- or decoys! (insert maniacal laugh, here) -- that simply isn't the case. At a recent event in Detroit, China's ambassador to the U.S., Zhou Wenzhong, said Chinese carmakers ...

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    Chery may bring M14 convertible to U.S. next year

    Chery is looking at dropping its Pininfarina-styled M14 on the US market soon. Chinese news agency Xinhua is all like "later this year," but this year is like "see ya," so maybe by "this year" they really mean "next year." Either way, we'll be happy to take one for a spin while bearing in mind the ...

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    Chrysler and Chery resume talks to build cheap cars in China

    Carlos Ghosn recently said that Renault/Nissan is developing a $3K car with Indian partner Tata. Honda said it looked at the same idea, but that it couldn't build a car with Honda values for that money. Chrysler has put itself in the Honda camp, ruling out the creation of a $3K car with Chinese ...

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    Get in line: Fiat considers Chery partnership

    It looks like Chrysler isn't the only car company trying to partner with China's Chery Auto. The latest reports suggest Fiat is also considering a new deal with Chery that would involve a joint-venture to start building Fiat badged cars in China.Back in May, Fiat confirmed that it would start ...


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