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chery s16

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    Chery to launch S16 "mini sedan"

    The Chery S16 is called a sedan even though it only has two doors, a hatchback, what appears to be zero rear headroom, and is about 22 inches shorter than a Chevy Aveo. From the front, the styling conjures words like "bizarre" and "Picasso" and "flounder," but -- and perhaps it is the hour -- we ...

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    Chery S16: Inspired by Crocs?

    Well, no, but can you blame us for thinking so? While no one here is a shoe expert like, say, The Manolo, it's hard to look at this forthcoming Chery compact and not think of the ubiquitous (and heinous) sandals worn by Mario Batali and countless suburbanites in apparent need of corrective eye ...


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