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cheap cars

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    ETC: What if all famous movie cars had to be cheap?

    Hero cars in films need to be sexy. It's why Doc Brown and Marty went back in time in a DeLorean, and why Bo and Luke Duke tore about Hazzard County in a Dodge Charger. The stars of the show need to get about in something cool. Artist Gerald Bear seems to disagree with this notion, as his latest ...

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    GM unveils three futuristic, urban EN-V concepts

    GM EN-V concepts – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Today General Motors unveiled a trio of EN-V concepts that showcase the automaker's idea for a new global, urban mobility vehicle. Developed in conjunction with its partner in China, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., the EN-V ...

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    VIDEO: Ford press conference yields surprise $650 car announcement

    Ford makes surprise $650 car announcement - click above image to watch the video
    Between the hysteria of this week's SEMA Show and Chrysler's never-ending (and partially baffling) revelations yesterday, a shocking announcement by Ford Motor Company has been nearly drowned out. But rest assured, ...

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    Number of sub-$15k cars in U.S. falls by one-third

    Click above for more high-res shots of the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo Every year, cars get just a bit more expensive. There was a time, which doesn't seem too long ago, that ten grand and a signature was all you needed to walk out of a dealership as the owner of a brand new car. Today, not so much. In ...

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    Cheaper by the Dozen: the race for the $3000 car

    Reporting on one luxury car hitting the market after another and a seemingly endless race for the latest in technological breakthroughs, it seems hard to believe, but the fiercest competition in the automotive industry is emerging in the ultra-low cost segment. As markets like India and China ...

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    Barrett-Jackson: The bargains

    click above image to see gallery and info of 10 bargains at Barrett-JacksonAlthough the million dollar muscle cars are what steal all of the headlines, the Barrett-Jackson auction has so much more to offer. You don't need to be stocking your own personal museum or have a race team or Fortune 500 ...

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    Cheapest Ferraris of 2006

    We all laughed when Ferrari announced at the recent LA Auto Show that the company would not be developing a "cheap" Ferrari. It was a play on words, because every industry insider has told us that a new entry-level sports car from Maranello is in the works. But Ferrari's right – even if the ...

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    Testing a full slate of cheap cars

    They miss the Yugo, godblessum. Those wacky guys at Slate long for the days when a new car could be had for less than the price of a modern television set. Surveying the bargain basement offerings of the automotive world, they found that only the Chevy Aveo can be had for under 10 grand, let alone ...


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