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charles morgan

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    Followup: Charles Morgan refutes rival rumors

    Whether the board of the Morgan Motor Company was justified or not in ousting its former chief executive from its ranks, you could understand that Charles Morgan might take a defiant stand. He is, after all, the grandson of the company's founder, and before the board stepped in, it was his show to ...

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    Official: Morgan board stands by decision to axe Charles

    In case you haven't been following, there's been a bit of an upheaval in the ranks of a small British automaker – cottage industry, really – called Morgan. The company is known for making retro sports cars just like they've been doing for the past century – sometimes with wooden ...

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    Followup: Charles Morgan dismissal due to alleged misconduct

    If you've been following the news of Charles Morgan's dismissal from the Morgan Motor Company his grandfather founded over a century ago, and wondered why the family-owned company was letting him go, here's the answer. According to Autocar, the cause for dismissal comes down to four counts of ...

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    Followup: Charles Morgan fights for his family's car company

    In most cases, when a company fires one of its employees – from the mail room to the board room – that's pretty much the end of it. But not at Morgan. Last week we reported on the Morgan Motor Company firing its chief executive Charles Morgan, grandson of the company's founder. ...

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    Official: Charles Morgan ousted from Morgan Motor Company

    When a company is wholly owned by one family, you'd think it would be fairly easy for that family to retain control over said company. But in an odd turn of events, Charles Morgan has been ousted as head of the Morgan Motor Company. The British manufacturer of retro sportscars replaced Charles ...

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    Video: Morgan 3 Wheeler and driving fun, with Charles Morgan

    Charles Morgan has a pretty great job. The scion of Morgan's founder, and current managing director of the company clearly enjoys himself while driving the fruits of his enterprise. In another brief interview with Mr. Morgan, we get to hear and see a the tantalizing 3 Wheeler and Plus 8 on the ...

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    Video: Britain's Morgan traces its family and model heritage

    There are various points of entry to an exploration of England's Morgan Motor Company, and ancestry research company Genes Reunited takes the method of family history. Morgan has been run by three generations of the family, starting with Harry F. S. Morgan – that's him sitting on the ...

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    Video: Charles Morgan discusses his Aeromax and generally makes us jealous

    Our friends at XCAR were lucky enough to spend some time with Charles Morgan, the managing director of Morgan Motor Company, discussing exactly what makes the company's Aeromax so special. The machine was the company's first modern foray into the ultra high-end market. Morgan only built 100 ...

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    Video: Morgan confirms development of magnesium and aluminum chassis

    In a brief chat with The Telegraph, managing director of Morgan, Charles Morgan, talked about how the tiny UK automaker will navigate the future. Morgan believes that as long as the company can find a way to exploit niche products that the big automakers can't or won't do, and if his firm can be ...


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