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    Mini partners with DSQUARED² for the latest Life Ball special

    For the past 11 years Mini has supported Life Ball, the biggest HIV/AIDS fundraiser event in Europe, teaming up with world-renowned designers to come up with a special one-off auctioned for the cause. Previous collaborations have been realized by such fashion labels as Gianfranco Ferré, ...

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    Paul "The Modfather" Weller designs unique Mini for charity auction

    Mini Cooper by Paul Weller – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Every year Mini teams up with some of the top fashion designers to create special one-off art cars. These are subsequently auctioned for the benefit of HIV/AIDS research and awareness. This one, however, is something ...

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    JLR donates 1,000,000th Range Rover to charity

    Millionth Range Rover rolls off the assembly line – Click above for high-res image
    Before every automaker and their sister-companies got into the luxury SUV game, there was really only one truck to speak of, and that was the Range Rover. Now 40 years since its original introduction and ...

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    Feeling charitable? Be one of the first to drive the 2012 Ford Focus

    2012 Ford Focus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford wants to let the entire world have a shot at test driving the redesigned 2012 Focus. The automaker has announced a new contest that is designed to give interested folks a shot at some time behind the wheel of the compact car. The ...

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    German charity execs in hot water over luxury car ownership?

    Every couple of years, a big charity gets in trouble for paying out big monies to executives or cronies. This time it's two German charities, Treberhilfe and Hatun & Can, being dipped in some boiling water not because of money their executives made, but money they spent. On a Maserati and a ...

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    "Naomi for Haiti" edition Lotus Evoras fetching half a million at auction

    Lotus Evora "Naomi for Haiti" edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You can mentioned Lotus in the same breath as Ferrari and Porsche, but in terms of price at least, the British sportscar-maker plays in a different league from its Italian and German counterparts. Although ...

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    Motor4Toys charity car show attracts Leno and his Turbine

    6th Annual Motor4Toys charity car show - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For the 6th year in a row, Dustin Troyan organized and hosted the Motor4Toys charity toy drive and car show in Southern California this past weekend. Every year this show continues to grow, gathering together several ...

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    Bentley does a double-decker bus for charity

    Luke, a London Routemaster bus retrofitted by Bentley for St Luke's hospice – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We haven't met anyone who works in the Bentley factory. (At least, this writer hasn't.) But we like them already. Because while workers at other assembly plants go on strike ...

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    First Petty's Garage Challenger heading to Barrett-Jackson

    2009 Petty's Garage Dodge Challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery
    And with this official decree, let it be known that one custom 2009 Dodge Challenger, painted in a very familiar and regal blue shall be offered for sale to the highest bidder in Arizona in the year of our lord, 2010. ...

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    Fine China: One-off porcelain-finish Ferrari 599 special to be auctioned for charity [w/VIDEO]

    One-of-a-kind Ferrari 599 in cracked porcelain by Lu Hao – Click above for UPDATED high-res image gallery
    In a communist country, all Ferraris are equal, but some are more equal than others. Take the special-edition 599 that the Italian automaker debuted exclusively for the Chinese market. ...

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    Man driving around the globe in Bridget the Midget for charity

    Fifty-two-year-old Briton Roy Locock decided to drive around the world to benefit charity. A circumnavigating spin behind the wheel is almost passe these days, but Locock's choice of wheels certainly isn't: a 1977 MG Midget. He bought the car -- named Bridget -- in 2006, and after taking it on a ...

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    REPORT: Cash for Clunkers is costing charitable organizations donations

    Cash for Clunkers is good news for people looking to trade in their old cars for new ones. It's good news for America's troubled car dealers. It's good news for automakers. And it's good news for auto workers, some of whom have been called back to work on assembly lines ramping up to meet demand ...

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    First US-bound Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder raises $270k at charity auction

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder at 16th Annual Race to Erase MS gala – Click above to view in high-res
    A new supercar is a cause good enough on its own; all the more so when the car in question is being auctioned off to raise funds for charity. In this case, the very first U.S.-bound ...

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    Ford adds charity benefit by giving $20 to cancer foundation for each customer test drive

    Ford is making the most of having a little bit of extra fat during these lean times by sharing its fortune with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you test drive a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury before June 1, Ford will give $20 to the foundation, up to $1,000,000. Dealers can match the ...

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    Pledge Drive: Man to hit every state in continental U.S. behind the wheel of his '32 Ford replica

    One 59-year-old man with a mission; one 19-year-old car that's a copy of a 77-year-old car; 64 cities in 49 states; nine days; 1,100 miles between sunrises; and more than 100 billion burgers sold -- those are the stats of Dave Schaub's trip across America to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in ...

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    Detroit-area caf hosting 240-hour-long concert for auto workers

    In case you didn't know this was going on, Detroit is in the grips of the Assembly Line Concert, a 240-hour non-stop shebang that still has more than 100 hours to go. A. J. O'Neil, a Detroit-area coffee shop owner, decided to attempt a record-breaking charity event that would assist, support, and ...

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    Comic Relief to auction ridealong with Stig

    We still don't know who the White Stig is, and he could be replaced by the Black Stig, the Purple Stig, or the Rainbow Stig pretty soon. But before he goes, you can win a ride with him around the Top Gear test track. Red Nose Day is a fundraising event put on by the British charity Comic Relief, ...

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    Trickle-down effect: GM Foundation slashes arts and cultural funding

    With an artistic industry driven by business, as enterprise goes, so goes art -- so when a prime mover goes down, it takes prime art with it. The reduction in General Motor's fortunes also means that Detroit's cultural institutions can collectively expect to lose more than $1 million in annual ...

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    VIDEO: Supercars make charity toy run in L.A.

    Photos courtesy Speed and Motion
    It's not often you see this many sports cars chasing a police cruiser, but this was for a good cause. To help get things kicked off for the 5th Annual Motor4Toys charity toy drive event, a bunch of participants followed a police escort over to a local Toys "R" Us ...

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    The Garage419 Invitational: Autoblog's in, and we need your support!

    The Garage419 Invitational is a pro-am-style charity kart race taking place on October 26 at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco. All proceeds from the event benefit Racing 4 Research and the Children's Tumor Foundation, which are dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for ...


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