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3ChargePoint giving away free charge cards for National Plug In Day

If you don't like your chances to win one of the ten free iPads Plug In America is giving away, you can guaranteed get a free ChargePoint card from ChargePoint between now and National Plug In Day 2012 this Sunday. You can sign up for the freebie (which, of course, you might still have to pay to use) by telling ChargePoint where to send it. Normally, a ChargePoint card costs $5.

22EVS: Coulomb readying San Francisco with 100 stations, finds "museum tour of electricity"

Coulomb Technologies' big news at EVS26 was a collaboration with Fuji Electric Corporation of America to add Fuji's 25-kW DC Quick Charging Stations into the ChargePoint Network. In fact, the very first such charger on the network was sitting there in the booth, and actual deployment in the U.S. is scheduled for later this year. Coulomb is already neck-deep in actual deployments of electric vehicle charging stations: more that 6,300 non-residential stations are online now and Coulomb says that a

5Coulomb has shipped more than 2,400 plug-in vehicle charging stations throughout U.S.

Coulomb Technologies, which in 2010 set out to install 4,500 electric-vehicle charging stations throughout 10 U.S. regions as part of a U.S. Department of Energy Department (DOE) plan, has shipped more than 2,400 public and commercial stations and is finalizing the installation of the commercial stations earmarked by the DOE in its ChargePoint America program.

16Pennsylvania turnpike plazas will all get DC fast charging stations for EVs

Ready to take your all-electric car on a road trip? If you're headed along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 2013 might just be your year. The plan is to install EV charging stations in all 17 of the service plazas along the highway by June 30 of that year. Each plaza will get one Level 2 charging stations and two DC fast chargers, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Kevin Sunday told Essential Public Radio. The first stations will be put in in the spring of 2012.

3350Green, Coulomb team to install 400-plus charging stations across U.S.

Plug-in vehicle charging stations are still a bit of a rarity here in the United States and, while 400 additional chargers won't make for a nation that's blanketed with the technology, we'll certainly take all the charging points we can get.

73Accusations of "another Solyndra" pull the plug on new vehicle chargers in small town

With a population of around 14,000, Mill Valley, CA is too big to be called a one-horse town. The real question is whether it will become a two-EV charging station town.

8Coulomb Technologies to electrify Boston with install of 150 charging stations

Despite the fact that BMW selected AeroVironment (AV) as its "preferred provider" of electric vehicle charging equipment, accessories and installation services for its Active E, the German automaker has teamed with Coulomb Technologies, not AV, to jointly announce that "drivers of the forthcoming BMW Active E all-electric vehicle will be able to take advantage of the expansion of the ChargePoint Network into the Boston Metro."

1Coulomb Technologies reveals pair of dual-port Level 2 charging stations

Showcased during the Plug-in 2011 Conference, Coulomb Technologies has revealed two of its latest additions to its ChargePoint networked charging station lineup. Both chargers – dual-port Level 2 models based on Coulomb's CT2020 – provide two 7.2-kilowatt ports and have been specifically designed for the North American market. With the CT2025, charging is delivered via two standard SAE J1772 connectors attached to self-retracting cords. The CT2021 (pictured) makes due without the win

4Business of Plugging In 2010: GM has 100+ plug-in vehicle chargers installed around Michigan, 5,200 more on the way

2011 Chevrolet Volt plugs in at the RenCen – Click above for high-res image gallery

8Madison Gas and Electric to install 18 Coulomb ChargePoint stations in Dane County, WI

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), a distributor of electricity to more than 138,000 customers, will install 18 additional Coulomb ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations to service electric vehicles (EVs) in and around the Dane County, WI area. Once installed, Dane County, home to more than 490,000 people, will have 24 operational charging stations.

7Coulomb unveils Michigan's first ChargePoint America charging station

Coulomb Technologies has installed its first ChargePoint networked electric vehicle charging station in Michigan under the $37-million ChargePoint America program. The charger, located at the NextEnergy headquarters in downtown Detroit, is the first of hundreds of free public and home charging stations that the ChargePoint America program will install in the state of Michigan. Installation was carried out by Coulomb distributor Shocking Solutions (now, that's a great name for an electric car cha

11Elk Horn, Iowa has world's highest concentration of electric vehicle chargers [w/video]

Converted Prius charging in Elk Horn - Click above to watch video after the jump

3ChargePoint America installations underway, two more chargers ready for use in San Jose

By October 2011, the ChargePoint America program, assisted by Coulomb Technologies, is expected to complete installation of 4,600 free public and home charging stations funded by a $15-million grant from the U.S. government. The chargers will appear in nine regions across the U.S.: Austin, TX, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, FL, Sacramento, CA, the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Bellevue/Redmond, WA, and Washington D.C.

1Coulomb unveils first ChargePoint stations in Australia and Poland

Coulomb Technologies is slowly but surely expanding the reach of its ChargePoint stations beyond the company's home base of California. Now, two more countries are now part of Coulomb's ever-growing network of customers: Australia and Poland.

AddColoumb gets $14 million in latest venture capital funding round

Coulomb Technologies is up $14 million thanks to a recently completed Series B funding round. The money will help the plug-in vehicle charging unit company do two main things: expand and evolve. The funding round was led by two venture companies, Voyager Capital and Rho Ventures, each of which will now add a member to Coulomb's board of directors.

AddCoulomb's "gas" pump ChargePoint ups the ante with 30-minute electric car refills

All of the Coulomb Technologies charging units that we've seen thus far are rectangular units that sit on poles or hang from the wall. A new ChargePoint unit that Coulomb is developing with Aker Wade Power Technologies looks much more like a standard gas pump and, more importantly, will provide fast Level 3 charging. These units, which will be available to buy this fall for around $40,000 (and $20,000 to install!), draw power from dedicated 480-volt, 125-amp circuits and can theoretically deliv

AddCoulomb Technologies will legally "sell" energy for electric cars by not selling energy at all

Without looking at the law in every jurisdiction, we can say with some certainty that It is illegal to sell electricity in the U.S. unless you're a utility company. Originally intended to keep shady landlords from overcharging tenants for power, this law creates a bit of a problem for companies, like Coulomb Technologies, that want to get into the electric vehicle charging station business. At the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach this week, we spoke with Coulomb's Mike DiNucci, who told us

AddMcDonald's in North Carolina adds EV charging point

About a decade ago, a lone McDonald's in Phoenix, Arizona installed an electric car charging station in the hopes that one day consumers would be driving to its store on electrons in lieu of fossil fuels. A decade has since passed and most of us still pump dead dinos into our tanks, but at least one McDonald's franchise in Cary, North Carolina is taking another look at electric car charging points.

AddMadison Gas & Electric to install EV charging network

Madison, Wisconsin is a fairly typical college town, a place with a fairly substantial population of people with progressive attitudes on many issues. That means it has more people who ride bikes, take the bus, walk and drive hybrids than some other surrounding areas. It's also easier to find plug-in vehicles in places like Madison than elsewhere. Madison Gas and Electric can see the writing on the wall and wants to be ready for the transition to electrification.

AddVerdek-EV lands distribution deal for Coulomb ChargePoint stations

Although the company just recently celebrated its first birthday with the announcement that it would be bringing the Tazzari Zero to America, Verdek EV, which was created by the former president of Pirelli Tire North America, has scored another feather for its electric transportation hat. Verdek has just gained exclusive distribution rights in the South Central region of the U.S. for Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint networked charging stations. That means when you pull up in your electric vehicl

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