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    Daihatsu plays Charade with Toyota Yaris in Europe

    2012 Daihatsu Charade – Click above for high-res image
    Buyers in Europe who can't stand the thought of going on without the current generation Toyota Yaris need not fret. According to AutoEvolution, the vehicle will soldier on under the Daihatsu banner. While Toyota has made it clear that ...

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    Wonderful Small! Daihatsu TV commercials from Japan

    The more we see of Daihatsu, the more we like the plucky little Toyota division. Watching their nutty TV commercials makes us love them even more, though. From the "WONDERFUL SMALL! (Daihatsu)" opening, through whatever insanity that follows (usually led by a cute actress), they are relentlessly ...

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    1990 Daihatsu Charade completes Mongol Rally

    The Mongol Rally is an annual exercise in lunacy wherein entrants must drive somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 grueling, dangerous miles (depending on route taken) from London to Mongolia in some seriously crappy cars. Engines must displace less than 1 liter, and while organizers allow drivers to ...

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    British Charade continues to develop

    Long gone from the U.S. marketplace, Daihatsu continues to do quite well in other markets, particularly with Toyota's recent cash infusions. The handful of Charade owners still in the U.S. likely wouldn't recognise the current model, but in case Daihatsuphiles are wondering how the ...


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