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As fellow car fanatics, it's often hard for us Statesiders to get a clear picture as to how big of a phenomenon Top Gear really is over in the UK. After all, we hardly have a proper frame of reference – the only car shows that really draw significant audience shares in America are the 500s (your choice of Daytona or Indianapolis), and everything else is comparatively minor – from failed series attempts like NBC's Night Rider redux to the Speed network and stalwarts like MotorWeek.So.


Volkswagen Bluesport Concept - Click above for a high-res gallery


We have heard all about these European hypermilers who manage to churn out 45-50mpg U.S. in production cars, usually with high-technology turbocharged diesels. However, British TV station Channel 4's motoring website 4Car has carried out real-world fuel economy tests on eight low-emissions cars (5 diesels, 2 gasoline and one hybrid) and has found out that they didn't meet the official mileage and CO2 emission figures. Although the EU driving cycle is more theoretical than real-world driving, the


There is something terribly disturbing about announcing that a Citroën 2CV has beaten out a Lotus Esprit and a trio of Aston Martins. But the little French deux chevaux has been named the best James Bond chase car in a new 4Car poll. Piloted by Roger Moore in the classic 1981 film, "For Your Eyes Only", the duck managed to steal the top spot in the poll, which was done as part of an upcoming Jeremy Clarkson special, MPH Show '06.

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