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    Video: Chinese man tries to buy car with $16k in coins

    "Money talks," the old saying goes; and it apparently counts everywhere as it does in the US. A man in China showed up to a car dealer with the US equivalent of $16,000 in coins to buy a new car. Only a foolish dealer would turn away a guaranteed sale. So, they started counting it out, while the ...

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    Porsche doesn't plan to take over VW... yet

    The latest in Porsche-Volkswagen relations is that the sports car maker has contingencies in place to raise its stake in the VW Group, but at this point is not planning an outright takeover. As you may recall, when Porsche recently increased its ownership in Volkswagen AG, it was bound by German ...

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    Toyota's F1-san calls it quits

    Any way you look at it, Toyota's foray into Formula 1 has not yielded positive results. Despite throwing unprecedented amounts of money at the effort, their F1 team has not produced the kind of results to which the automotive giant has become accustomed. So they've apparently decided that it was ...

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    O Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo, obey thy father and refuse thy name

    Shakespeare has proven himself ahead of his time yet again. While Alfa Romeo is making a comeback of epic proportions, parent company Fiat is ordering a new naming scheme for the Torino automaker's models. That's the word according to a report in the British car magazine Autocar. The current Alfa ...

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    Determining oil change intervals via analysis

    John's post on Valvoline's oil change interval survey results got the attention of our readers, so perhaps now it's time for a slightly different perspective on the topic. If one accepts the fact that each combination of driver and engine is likely to require its own oil change interval, then the ...


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