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Stealing an old man's plane is no way to run a town, New York.

It's unclear what caused the mid-air collision between the fighter and the recreational aircraft, although the NTSB, USAF, and FAA are all investigating.

The Internet hasn't made the world any more zany, but it has made it easier for us to share our communal zaniness. That's how it's come about that a newspaper in England has led us to a man in South Carolina who turned a Cessna into a car. The 27-foot Spirit of LeMons is a 1956 Cessna 310 body laid over a Toyota minivan chassis, originally built to compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina. When the racing was done, its builder, Jeff Bloch – a.k.a. Speedycop – and The

Cessna has built over 43,000 of its 172 Skyhawks since introducing the airplane back in 1955 and, until now, all have burned aviation fuel (Avgas) to fly the friendly skies. That is set to change as the ol' air-dog will learn a new trick this year with its manufacturer announcing that it is teaming up with Bye Energy to produce an electric-powered proof of concept (POC) version of the venerable bird.

General Motors is not the only transportation company getting lithium ion batteries from A123 Systems. The Massachusetts-based battery developer has inked a deal to supply battery packs to Cessna. Cessna will use the lithium packs replace current lead acid and nickel cadmium starter batteries on the Citation business jets. The lithium packs will be designed as drop-in replacements for the current units that provide power to start the jet engines and auxiliary power units. The first units will de

The Lamborghini Countach was everywhere in the 1980s. It was so often presented as the ultimate car, photographed with celebrities, and generally placed in the spotlight that even your grandmother could've recognized it. Because of its vaunted status, the Countach is an aspirational car that you might purchase to celebrate a milestone in your life. Oregonian Marlowe Treit spent two years tracking down the perfect Countach as a way of marking 60 years on the planet.

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