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center for automotive research

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    Study: GM, Chrysler bailouts saved 2.6 million jobs

    The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has been studying the effects of the General Motors and Chrysler bailouts in 2009. Now that the US Treasury has officially sold off the rest of its stake in GM (and Chrysler has already paid back its loan), CAR has released its study on the effects of the ...

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    Report: Honda's U.S. operations to take lead on more vehicle design

    Honda has been dinged by the media – us included – for recent lackluster designs, most notably the 2012 Civic. While the company has mostly adhered to its public position that everything is fine, clearly there are some changes being wrought behind the scenes at the Japanese automaker. ...

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    Report: Forecasters throttle back U.S. car sales projections for 2012, 2013

    The last we heard, the auto industry was booming. Sales are healthy and recovery from the multi-year slump brought on by the global economic meltdown of 2008 is well on its way, with domestic sales projected to reach as high as 14.5 million vehicles. We even heard a rumor that Ford would soon be ...

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    Report: Auto industry pays $135 billion in taxes annually

    How important is the auto industry to state and federal governments? According to the Center for Automotive Research, the industry accounts for $135 billion in annual taxes. In fact, a reported 13 percent of all state taxes comes from the automobile, or $91.5 billion in total. Just as impressive ...

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    Report: White collar salaries to overtake UAW labor costs next year

    According to a top researcher, labor costs for salaried employees at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors will surpass those of workers represented by the United Auto Workers for the first time next year. A report in Automotive News says the calculation was performed by the Center for Automotive ...

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    Report: CAR projects Michigan will net up to 23,000 new auto jobs in 2011

    The fourth quarter of 2010 showed strengthening auto sales, and analysts believe 2011 will reveal further sales growth. That will likely lead to more profit for automakers, and The Detroit News reports that Michigan jobs could follow. The report cites findings by the Center for Automotive ...

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    Study: Auto bailout saved over 1 million jobs

    The Center for Automotive Research has released a new study detailing the impact of the auto bailout of 2009. According to The Detroit Bureau, the group found that the government's involvement in the automotive industry saved 1.14 million jobs and $96.5 billion in personal income in 2009. The ...

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    Ford says Jaguar brand 'Not For Sale' (Maybe)

    Speculations that Ford Motor Co. may be selling its Jaguar brand may have been lessened, if not outright stricken, during a seminar at the Center for Automotive Research in Michigan. Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields, who spoke at the seminar, suggested the luxury marque would be ...

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    Detroit-Ontario bridge security and ownership concerns rankle automakers, government

    An interesting story with serious implications for the auto industry reaches between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario-- that of the Ambassador Bridge. The span is the most heavily trafficked border crossing in North America, and it's the main artery by which the two nations auto industries conduct ...

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    Flames burning brighter under feet of GM's Rick Wagoner

    The beating of the drums calling for the head of [General Motors'] Rick Wagoner continues to crescendo. The embattled chief executive has been stung by a growing chorus of critics in light of the company's recent financial restatement in which it disclosed that the company had lost a further 2 ...


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