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    Gresso takes its cues from F1 with new Grand Monaco phone

    Gress Grand Monaco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If Vertu thought they had the market for four-figure carbon fiber cell phones all to themselves, they can think again as Russia's high-end electronics firm Gresso has announced the new Grand Monaco. Not only is Gresso's latest ...

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    Upwardly Mobile: Ferrari edition Motorola Z8

    From its headquarters in Maranello, Ferrari has traditionally operated two divisions: one that makes exquisite road cars, and another that competes in motorsports. More recently, however, a third division has emerged, with the responsibility of conducting the company's ever-increasing marketing ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Hyundai i-Blue isn't blue, it's green

    Click the pics above for a gallery of high-res images of the Hyundai i-Blue Concept.Hyundai, like practically every other automaker in Frankfurt, is showing off its green-wares. The i-Blue is the poster-child for the automaker's environmentally focused future, with a 100 kW motor powered by a fuel ...

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    Can you hear my HUMMER now? HUMMER HT1 cell phone for the Euro crowd

    Automakers continue to take branding to new heights by slapping their logos on everything from computers to speakers to fitness apparel, but HUMMER has gone one step further by introducing the HT1 slider cellphone. Rather than merely affix their iconic logo to some high-end cell phone from South ...

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    Porsche's newest model: the Porsche Design P'9521

    It's a luxury-branded world we live in, and for some people, life, love, and mobile reception are just a little bit better when your cell phone comes from a high-end car maker. Ferrari's got Motorola, Lamborghini's got Nokia, Mercedes has Asus, and now Porsche Design, a subsidiary of the actual ...

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    Pasta Cargioli? Pasta powered fuel cell

    High fuel prices and energy mandates bring all sorts of alternative fuel research and technology to the fore. University and government researchers recently whipped up a special blend of 13 enzymes and spices that releases hydrogen from a mixture of starch and water. There's no word on how it ...

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    Porsche Cayenne phone looks worse than actual Cayenne

    Even Porsche lovers will readily acknowledge that the Cayenne is far from being the most beautiful creations ever penned by Stuttgart, so why on earth would anyone want to mimic the shape in any form? Someone in Hong Kong evidently thought otherwise and produced this (hopefully) limited-edition ...

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    Vertu rides the Prancing Horse

    Vertu has long been cultivating an image of association with the pinnacle of automotive excellence through their branding, use of materials and special editions. The latest effort is a collaboration with Ferrari, that Italian stallion that seemingly manages to get its name on everything these ...

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    Toyota sends Fuel Cell guru to F1

    Toyota is sending Tadashi Yamashina from corporate headquarters in Japan to Cologne, where their F1 team is based. On the surface it looks like a routine, mundane management shuffle, with Toyota sending over an experienced manager to help get things moving with the Formula One team that's been a ...

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    Turn vibrate off: GM releases Camaro ringtone

    When unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit back in January, the Chevy Camaro Concept managed to get hearts pumping. Not everybody loved it, but those who did could hear their pulse over the announcer. Until the car was started. That great American V-8 burble was the ...

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    Custom blinker tones to replace ringtones in popularity?

    Could it happen? CNET pundit Rafe Needleman let us know via email he asked this very question after reading a Ford press release that reveals turn signals of today emit a digital tone that has been meticulously engineered by dudes in white labcoats. In the past that familiar clicking sound that ...

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    Chirp alerts cell-gabbing driver of intersection

    Demetrius Thompson was struck, twice, by drivers distracted while chatting on their cellphones. Instead of understandably getting mad or sensibly suing the drivers for millions, he instead founded the company Global Mobile Alert which developed a system called MyMobileAlert. MyMobileAlert tracks ...

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    Matching Aston Martin car, cellphone

    You just bought your Aston Martin DB9 to attend the premiere of the latest James Bond movie starring that heretical blond agent. Do you really want to be seen calling Demi and Ashton about drinks afterwards with your LG? Luxist has a solution. The Aston Martin Nokia 8800 is a special limited ...

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    iRadio by Motorola

    Motorola recently announced its intention to launch something called iRadio that will combine hundreds of commercial-free internet radio channels and your own personal music collection. The “solution” will allow you to enjoy your music at home, in your car or while hoofin’ it. ...


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