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    Chinese create ultimate clone: the F1 "Ferrari" cell phone

    It goes without saying that this isn't an officially-sanctioned Ferrari F430 cell phone. This is called the "F1 Phone," coming at you in bright-red injection-molded plastic direct from non-Ferrari manufacturing China. Like the Italian exotic, the F1 Phone offers a lot of performance with its ...

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    Chrysler offering in-car web access later this year

    Chrysler may be struggling with vehicle styling and interior quality, but the gang in Auburn Hills sure does love the gadgetry. Sirius satellite TV, heated and cooled cupholders, and Swivel-N-Go seating will soon be joined by in-car Internet access. The Washington Post reports Chrysler will utilize ...

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    States looking to crack down on in-vehicle electronics

    Cell phone usage has proven to be very distracting for drivers, and several states have banned the use of the hand-held devices for drivers. Now lawmakers in a dozen states are taking a broader approach to what electronic devices should be banned. Although there is little in the way of concrete ...

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    VIDEO: Autoblog shows how to unlock your car with a cell phone

    NOTE: After reading some of the excellent comments on this post, we decided to test this again from 30 miles away... and it didn't work. We're going to retest at a different location but similar distance to see what gave us the positive test. Stay tuned.About a month ago my brother sent me an email ...

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    Ferrari takes on Lamborghini in mobile phone battle

    If Lamborghini can have its own mobile phone, we suppose it's only fair that Ferrari get one too. Introducing Motorola's MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge. With a V6, wouldn't that make it a Dino? No matter, because it does have 'the iconic prancing horse shield on the front and "Ferrari" in the ...

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    Nokia offers limited-edition Lamborghini phone

    For the Lamborghini owner on your Christmas gift list (we all have one, don't we?), here's yet another branded item to make sure everyone knows who left the LP640 with the valet. Our friends at turned us on to the new limited edition Nokia 8800 Sirocco phone that features a stainless ...

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    OnStar going silent on millions of vehicles

    A decision by the Federal Communications Commission that allows all cell phone companies to turn off their analog networks beginning in February of 2008 means that nearly two million people, or half of OnStar's entire subscription base, will soon find the other end silent when they press that blue ...

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    Autoblog hearts mobile phones: rolls out WAP site

    Do us a quick favor. Take out your web-enabled phone, tap in and hit enter. Voila! Notice anything different, like a load time under ten minutes perhaps? Hmm... that formatting looks spot on, too. That's because the intrepid development team at Weblogs, Inc. has rolled out ...

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    Schwarzenegger signs ban on mobile phone use while driving

    Yesterday, in a ceremony in Oakland, California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that would make driving while operating a mobile phone illegal on California roadways. The Golden State is now the fifth state to enact such a restriction and in doing so, ended a four-year long ...

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    Turn vibrate off: GM releases Camaro ringtone

    When unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit back in January, the Chevy Camaro Concept managed to get hearts pumping. Not everybody loved it, but those who did could hear their pulse over the announcer. Until the car was started. That great American V-8 burble was the ...

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    TiMo - Toyota's new cell phone

    Reuters is reporting that Toyota is about to jump into the cell phone business with KDDI Corp., Japan's No. 2 wireless carrier of which 11 percent is owned by the Japanese auto giant. The company's ultimate goal is to close the gap between its cars and telecom networks, so the new phone will be ...

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    Fiat rolls out mobile phones

    Forget fleeces, backpacks and skiwear -- Fiat wants its name on the ultimate fashion accessory, the moblie phone. Starting this month, Fiat will offer a number of different cell phone models, including some that are MP3 compatible and take digital photos and video.  Some of ...

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    Hagerty Insurance lists the Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves

    Hagerty Insurance,arguably best known for their accomodating policies for vintage and competition vehicles, polled its customers to develop a top-10 list of things that tick them off while driving:

    Distracted drivers talking on cell phones
    Slow drivers ...

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    "Shocktone" could help/hinder drivers

    Maybe a mild shock would be more in order than a chirp.....That was MadeinDetroit's comment on MyMobileAlert, a system that sounds a 'chirp' on a driver's cellular when he or she is approaching a streetlight or crosswalk. Well, such a shocking cellular may not be too far from reality.Sibling site ...

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    Custom blinker tones to replace ringtones in popularity?

    Could it happen? CNET pundit Rafe Needleman let us know via email he asked this very question after reading a Ford press release that reveals turn signals of today emit a digital tone that has been meticulously engineered by dudes in white labcoats. In the past that familiar clicking sound that ...

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    FCC lobbied by debt collectors to allow auto-dialing of mobile phones

    According to the Washington Post, debt collectors are lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to again use automated dialers to contact mobile phones of debtors. Previously, collectors could use such technology but were banned back in 2003 as part of the FCC’s crackdown on ...

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    Breaking news (yea, right): Distracting driving may account for most accidents

    What follows should come as absolutely no surprise to any of our readers who have passed drivers' education. According to a recent study, 4 out of every 5 crashes may be attributable to driver distraction. The work performed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Adminstration and the ...

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    Matching Aston Martin car, cellphone

    You just bought your Aston Martin DB9 to attend the premiere of the latest James Bond movie starring that heretical blond agent. Do you really want to be seen calling Demi and Ashton about drinks afterwards with your LG? Luxist has a solution. The Aston Martin Nokia 8800 is a special limited ...

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    iRadio by Motorola

    Motorola recently announced its intention to launch something called iRadio that will combine hundreds of commercial-free internet radio channels and your own personal music collection. The “solution” will allow you to enjoy your music at home, in your car or while hoofin’ it. ...


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