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8Kia pro_cee'd fully unveiled ahead of Frankfurt

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23Kia ex_cee'd convertible concept set for Geneva debut

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30You may pro_cee'd: New Kia concept pics surface

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, Kia just couldn't wait until the big day and released the first pics of its pro_cee'd concept that it will show in Paris next week. The pro_cee'd is basically a three-door version of the cee'd crossover, which, along with its platform partner the Hyundai Arnejs, goes into production later this year.

8Update: Kia's new C-segment car: the Cee'd

[Updated with new photo] Called only the 'ED' when it was announced in July, Kia Motors' new model for Europe's all-important C-segment of small family cars will retain the unconventional name of its concept car predecessor - the Cee'd (pronounced "seed"). Apparently, the unwieldy moniker combines 'CE' - symbolizing the European Community - and 'ED' - standing for European Design. The role of the apostrophe remains unexplained...

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