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91Electronics makers wary of NTSB's proposed hands-free ban

Here's one from the unsurprising file: The Consumer Electronics Association has written the National Traffic Safety Board in opposition to the proposed ban on hands-free calling.

13CEA survey shows 40% of Americans hope to test drive electric vehicles, but only 25% know anything about them

Next year's 2011 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES), produced by the Consumers Electronics Association (CEA), will, for the first time ever, showcase a full range of electric vehicles (EVs), charging equipment and energy storage devices. In order to better understand America's perception of EVs, the CEA's market research division conducted an online consumer study titled "Electric Vehicles: The Future of Driving." The study concludes that while many Americans may be intrigued to try

7"Right to Repair" congressional act argues automakers locking out aftermarket

The Big Three weren't the only automobile interests on Capitol Hill this week, the President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association appeared before Congress, urging them to support the 'Right To Repair Act.'

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