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    Video: Man power-washes his new Mercedes-Benz CLS - inside

    We aren't entirely sure what's happening here. It seems a Macedonian man took his brand-new 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI to the car wash and decided the interior could use some freshening up, too. Instead of doing what every other Mercedes owner would do and busting out the Armor All, this guy ...

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    Miserly S 250 CDI BlueEfficiency is first S-Class ever with four-cylinder power

    Europe's Mercedes-Benz S 320 CDI BlueEfficiency began this year as the most frugal S-Class available. With 235 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, 31 mpg, and S-Class luxury, it's a fine runner if you want to have it all without grenading your treehugging credentials. But hang on – new ...

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    Brabus intros power kit for Mercedes GL and ML420 CDI

    Click photo for additional shotsBrabus, when it's not busy messing around on little things like the world's fastest sedan, actually makes performance modifications that "regular" Benz drivers can put to use on a daily basis. Case in point: the newly-introduced PowerXtra D8 (III) kit for ...

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    Mercedes-Benz adding big diesel to S-Class

    Mercedes-Benz has just announced a new model will be adding to its S-Class line of uber-sedans in Europe: the S420 CDI. The S420 CDI features a 4.0-liter V8 CDI diesel engine that produces 320 hp and a stump-pulling 538 ft-lbs. or torque, all while burning 9.4 to 9.6 liters of diesel for every 100 ...

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    Three Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC vehicles are on their way

    UPDATE: Our man Sam from AutoblogGreen was kind enough to inform us that these new Benz's are on sale now, however, are only available in 45 states. The E320 is the only vehicle that will come equipped with BLUETEC and urea injection currently, while the others are utilizing a common rail setup. ...


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